Nara Leao – O Canto Livre de Nara (1965)

31 07 2011

Link original: Nara Leao – O Canto Livre de Nara (1965)
Publicado em: Friday, June 30, 2006 by zecalouro

Nara Leao, O Canto Livre de Nara (1965) is the second release of this great Brazilian singer that had an important role on Bossa Nova creation and therefore making linkage to other cultural movements and launching new composers.

This LP is the original out of print release from 1965 with participation of Dorival Caymmi and Luis Eça. Universal has this album on a boxset, which includes two additional tracks sung in Spanish.


Este disco pode ser buscado no Um que Tenha.



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31 07 2011

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Anonymous on Friday, 30 June, 2006
I´ve waited several days to post a comment, but now I can´t hold back any longer: YOU´VE THE GREATEST BLOG IN THE INTERNET AND IT GOES ONLY BETTER FROM DAY TO DAY!!! – Thank you so much, please don´t stop in the next 20 years 😀

Greetz, Jörn
zecalouro on Friday, 30 June, 2006
Hello Jörn,

Thank You. I have been receiving several messages telling zecalouro that Loronix is good.

However, THE GREATEST BLOG IN THE INTERNET is glory. You made my day.

Actually, zecalouro is concerned about performance. The great number of posts is making the blog load slowly. I’m trying to fix it.

thebird on Saturday, 01 July, 2006
thanks! i’ve dabbled a bit through the past several years now and then in brazilian/bossa/etc ,music
and i gotta say NARA is great. I
ve enjoyed all your posts of her music. I’ve become a fanatic! I’m in the US and obviously her records are impossible to find. Any other posts will be greatly appreciated, especially of her 1967 albums. Really, thanks a lot for letting me discover some of the great sounds of brazil…
zecalouro on Saturday, 01 July, 2006
The Bird,

I think we are mates… -smile-

Nara is really great. It’s sad, very sad, that she died so young. Her place was just one block away from where I’m living right now.

When I see her building I keep wondering the windows and thinking about her.

Hope you are enjoying Loronix.

J Thyme…kind on Friday, 28 July, 2006
Such an amazing artist!
Futch on Friday, 10 November, 2006
WOW! I’d never heard this one before. What a wonderful album and a great sounding rip! Some wonderful uptempo songs and some amazingly beautiful songs also.

Thanks so much for this share.

I’m new to high-speed internet but I need to teach myself how to upload some of my LPs so I can share with you.

You are doing an important thing keeping this music alive and helping to make people aware of it. I wish you owned a record/cd company!
the jazzman on Wednesday, 03 January, 2007
Long before I went to Rio for the first time (4 times) I realized through Bossa divas that Portugese (as spoken in Rio with the “shhhhh”) was the most beautiful language in the world. Nara sings and although I don’t understand the lyrics I can tell the pathos and joy and its beautiful. This is an exquiste album. Full of joy and pathos and Nara’s wonderful voice.

I did eventually learn how to say “straw”, “steak very rare”, “non-carbonated water” and how to get to the used record stores.
El Isabelino on Tuesday, 06 October, 2009
This is my favorite Nara album.Always brings a smile.Thanks for certainly one of the greatest blog ever.Saludos.

26 01 2012

Esse álbum é genial! Viva Nara!

10 07 2015

Este álbum pode ser encontrado em formato lossless (FLAC) ou lossy (mp3) em:

O arquivo, quando baixado, contém, além das duas faixas bônus em espanhol (“Carcará” e “Não Me Diga Adeus”), as reproduções da capa, do verso, do livreto interno, do CD, e do obi, pois se trata da edição japonesa.

15 10 2015
Deron Adams

01. Corisco (2:44)
02. Samba da Legalidade (2:09)
03. Nao Me Diga Adeus (2:37)
04. Segredo do Sertanejo (Uricuri) (2:33)
05. Canto Livre (2:17)
06. Suite dos Pescadores (6:20)
07. Carcara (1:50)
08. Malvadeza Durao (2:18)
09. Aleluia (2:17)
10. Nega Dina (1:37)
11. Minha Namorada (4:15)
12. Incelenca (4:00)
13. Carcara (Espanhol) (1:34)
14. Nao Me Diga Adeus (Espanhol) (2:16)

23 03 2017

E um torrent para formato FLAC:

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