Elza Soares – Sambossa (1963)

7 08 2011

Link original: Elza Soares – Sambossa (1963)
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It is time to Elza Soares and her 3rd career LP, Sambossa, Odeon (1963). Sambossa is one of Elza Soares essentials, recorded just before Elza left Europe and got married with the legendary soccer player Garrincha. During this time, Elza also presented together with Louis Armstrong, which was a landmark on her career.

Sambossa is Elza’s transitioning from Samba to Bossa Nova. A nice performance of Dorival Caymmi Rosa Morena opens the LP, Billy Blanco gives to others compositions and there is also another classic, So Danco Samba, Tom Jobim and Vinicius de Moraes. Ribamar is in charge of the arrangements, making a set that fits nicely with Elza harsh voice and scats.


Este disco pode ser buscado no Som na Caixa.



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7 08 2011

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David Federman on Thursday, 03 August, 2006
There is something about Elza Soares’ singing on this album that is too polished, too contrived and far too dependent on vocal mannerisms like that incessant growl. I kept trying to relax and enjoy this record but it just got bothersome as Elza relied again and again on artificial tricks rather than true technique. Yes, she’s a good singer, or maybe I should say competent. But there is no soul in her singing. Not on this record anyway. I’ll give it another try in a few days.
David Federman on Thursday, 03 August, 2006
I see no one has yet checked in on Elza other than me. Hmmmmm. As relief from this record, I returned to an anthology called “Brazil Now” on EMI Hemisphere, which served as my first point of contact with Brazilian music. When I bought the album around 2000, a song called “Ambar” by Maria Bethania so deeply moved me, I started calling friends and playing it to them over the phone. As always, that song overwhelmed me again this morning. But so did Leila Pinheiro’s recording of “Pra Quem Quiser Me Visitar” with its very tricky, melancholy vocal line. Who is this incredible singer? Can you please post some of her music and tell me about her. Also, Clara Nunes, whose songs always seem to be political, grabbed me again. These are the daughters of Laranjeira, Telles and Leao–or so it seems to me now.
Refer on Friday, 04 August, 2006

Não tenho coragem de dizer pro homem que graças aos “incessant growls” o apelido de Elza na época (isso era falado no rádio, juro por deus!) era “O Catarro que Canta”. Acho melhor v. também não dizer nada.
Anonymous on Saturday, 16 August, 2008
Poxa, que lasima em ouvir isso.(catarro que canta) Quanta iginorancia, tb pobre Elza no auge do horror da ditadura militar. Exatamente na declaracao da nossa sentenca de morte, hj o Brasil e o que e. Quanto ao Mr. Federman.He doe’s not know what he talking about. It’s like a joke. But… It’s fine allways Elza!!! One more revolutionary in history of black people, I’m very proud of her. AXE!!!

5 10 2015
Deron Adams

A1 Rosa Morena
A2 Gamação
A3 A Banca Do Distinto
A4 Primeira Comunhão
A5 Sim E Não
A6 Leilão
B1 Só Danço Samba
B2 A Corda E A Caçamba
B3 Vaca De Presépio
B4 Maria, Mária, Mariá
B5 Quando O Amor Não É Mais Amor
B6 Mulata De Verdade

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