Antonio Carlos & Jocafi – Mudei de Ideia (1971)

4 09 2011

Link original: Antonio Carlos & Jocafi – Mudei de Ideia (1971)
Publicado em: Thursday, September 28, 2006 by zecalouro

Antonio Carlos & Jocafi, nice Brazilian dudes who made a real noise in the 70’s with several songs on top of the charts. I do not know who is Antonio Carlos and Jocafi at the picture, but if you were in Brazil in 1971 and 1972, you probably heard until get exausted their top hit, Voce Abusou, which is the opening track of their debut LP, Antonio Carlos & Jocafi – Mudei de Ideia (1971).

There are several crazy stories about this duet, I will tell you one: this song that never gets out of your head – Voce Abusou – got a tremendous success in France with the name of Fais comme l’oiseau and was adopted as the hmny by a French politica party. I cannot remember exactly which party, but the French composer who made the version did not give credits to Antonio Carlos & Jocafi. They went to court successfully against the French composer. I think you should not miss this release. Tracks include:

01 – Você Abusou (Antônio Carlos Marques / Jocafi)
02 – Se Quiser Valer (Antônio Carlos Marques / Jocafi)
03 – Kabaluerê (Antônio Carlos Marques / Jocafi)
04 – Conceição da Praia (Antônio Carlos Marques / Jocafi)
05 – Hipnose (Antônio Carlos Marques / Jocafi)
06 – Mudei de Idéia (Antônio Carlos Marques / Jocafi)
07 – Desacato (Antônio Carlos Marques / Jocafi)
08 – Quem vem La (Antônio Carlos Marques / Jocafi)
09 – Nord West (Antônio Carlos Marques / Jocafi / Alberto Santos Pinheiro)
10 – Morte do Salve (Antônio Carlos Marques / Jocafi / Ildásio Tavares)
11 – Deus o Salve (Antônio Carlos Marques / Jocafi)
12 – Bonita (Antônio Carlos Marques / Jocafi)


Este disco pode ser buscado no J. Thyme Kind. Existe uma segunda versão da capa, que segue abaixo.



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4 09 2011

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woozat on Thursday, 28 September, 2006
Hi Zeca for more accuracy about Você abusou french version, it was «Fais comme l’oiseau» by Michel Fugain et «le Big Bazar» (1972 – CBS 65300-2). In fact a group of 11 musicians and 15 people more in the shape of the «Hair» mouvance…
It seems this title is on the Baden Powell record «Brazil» with Os Maracatu, do you have something of them ??? …

Woozat ≈|8¬°
DJ Mandacaru on Thursday, 28 September, 2006
Jocafi é o da direita.
José Roberto Mil on Thursday, 28 September, 2006

O João Carlos Figueiredo (Jocafi) é o de bigode. O Antônio Carlos foi casado com a cantora Maria Creusa.
Anonymous on Thursday, 28 September, 2006
Would the inspirational Green bird or any in the flock know why track 3 Kabaluerê (duration 2:23), is referred to as Simbarere (duration 2:37) on the compilation by some Paris canards Favela Chic Postnove…it seems to be the same song albeit with a longer intro on Simbarere.
Beto on Thursday, 05 October, 2006
FYI: Another famous case of stealing Brazilian music was Rod Stewart’s “Do Ya Think I’m Sexy” melody from Jorge Ben’s “Taj Mahal”. Jorge Ben also won that lawsuit and donated all the money to charity.


Check out another release that gets little attention but is awesome ELAS POR ELAS from 1979?
Anonymous on Monday, 05 February, 2007
Cara estou tentando faz tempo baixar este disco, mas o link do Rapidshare não dá sequëncia. Você poderia postar novamente para a galera?? Abraços, Barbosa
Anonymous on Sunday, 12 April, 2009
Excelente disco. Sobre ele, encontrei num site cujo endereço me foge à lembrança, a contracapa do LP. Deu pra identificar as seguintes informações:

Os arranjadores:
José Briamonte (“Você Abusou”,”Desacato”,”Quem Vem Lá” e “Deus o Salve”)
Alexandre Barreto* (“Se Quiser Valer”,”Kabaluerê”,”Conceição da Praia”,”Hipnose”,”Mudei de Idéia” e “Morte do Salve”)
Rogério Duprat (“Nord West” e “Bonita”)

Os músicos
Lanny Gordin (Guitarra)
Rildo Hora (Gaita)

*Provavelmente o músico Rildo Hora. O seu nome completo é Rildo Alexandre Barretto da Hora.

Aline Maginot on Monday, 27 April, 2009
The episode of the theft of Você Abusou by Michel Fugain, and the subsequent trial, is notably absent from his French wikipedia article. I bear no particular grudge to Michel Fugain, but to my mind, this should neither be forgotten nor forgiven, though. Can anyone here point me to a primary source which would make it possible for me to modify the article appropriately? Please write
Antonio Carlos on Thursday, 27 August, 2009
Jocaf na decada de 60 morou na rua cosme de farias, antiga quitas das biatas, sua familia morava na rua Zé Pitinga foi menino ali dancando quadrila na casa de Alfredo, virou artista e sumiu

20 04 2012
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