Baden Powell & Billy Nencioli – Billy Nencioli et Baden Powell (1965)

8 09 2011

Link original: Baden Powell & Billy Nencioli – Billy Nencioli et Baden Powell (1965)
Publicado em: Wednesday, October 04, 2006 by zecalouro

This is a unique Baden Powell LP, recorded with the French singer Billy Nencioli, which I could not find much information about, Baden second release to Barclay in 1965. All songs are Baden Powell and Billy Nencioli compositions, arrangements from Baden Powell that is accompanying Billy in all songs.

The lyrics are in French and I could not understand very well what the record is all about; anyway it is a cool piece. Several French musicians were on the set on a group titled Les Violons de Paris and complemented by Baden itself on guitar, M. Gaudry (bass), D. Humair e Molinetti (drums), Hernandez (flute), R. Guerin (trumpet), B. Garcia (sax tenor) and Ceret (percussion).

I’m sure that our friends in French will provide more detailed info about this record and Billy Nencioly. Tracks include:

01 – Si Rien Ne Va (Billy Nencioli / Baden Powell)
02 – Cet Hiver à Courchevel (Billy Nencioli / Baden Powell)
03 – Quel Métier (Billy Nencioli / Baden Powell)
04 – On Peut Me Dire Du Mal de Toi (Billy Nencioli / Baden Powell)
05 – Mais Ne Rigole Pas (Billy Nencioli / Baden Powell)
06 – Pour Toi Marie (Billy Nencioli / Baden Powell)
07 – Un Vieux Refrain (Billy Nencioli / Baden Powell)
08 – Jean Marie Juana (Billy Nencioli / Baden Powell)
09 – Tiens Bonjour (Billy Nencioli / Baden Powell)
10 – La Dernière Fois (Billy Nencioli / Baden Powell)
11 – Souviens-toi Mon Frere (Billy Nencioli / Baden Powell)
12 – Mon Ami Pierrot (Billy Nencioli / Baden Powell)


Não tinha este disco. Porém, com a ajuda dos amigos Andreas e Fulano Sicrano, ele hoje está disponível no Um que Tenha.




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8 09 2011

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Captain Détendu on Wednesday, 04 October, 2006
Bonjour Zecalouro,

As it seems you need some help from your French friends, here I am 🙂

This is a quite rare piece ! I guess this must be the only Billy Nencioli’s album.
I remember this guy as some kind of “musical clown” in a very popular kids tv show named “Samsong” (in the 70’s 🙂

About this record, I guess that Michel Colombier is the arranger & conductor (you’ve maybe heard about this incredible composer and arranger, who collaborated with Serge Gainsbourg, Prince – Purple Rain – Herbie Hancock, EW&F, Air…)

A bientôt !
zecalouro on Wednesday, 04 October, 2006
Aya Captain,

Now I understand why Billy is so happy on that cover and Baden is so bored. It was a joke.

There are other obscure Nencioli’s LPs, there is one that is even commercially available at

Thanks for the feedback. I have just heard about Michel Colombier, actually, I made a try some years ago to one of his albums, Wings, if I’m not wrong.

As a last minute information, I received an email saying that Yvan Jullien is the arranger of this album. Need to double check this.

Regards, zecalouro
Anonymous on Thursday, 05 October, 2006
Just to say it seems he was (gone in 97…) that kind of cool friend of friends guy (The whole song — «Jean-Marie Juana» ;¬° — is a nice joke about Baden ‘s addiction for pot)… with some writting talent. A colaboration with Serge Gainsbourg the same year of this LP (En juin 1955 «Abomey»), two or three tuxedo wearing movies, some songs for children.

Zeca, about track 12 (unfortunately missing), Mon Ami Pierrot, could be a reference to someone I know…

Thanks for Baden’ work lovers, a nice LP


Olaf on Wednesday, 01 November, 2006
The great Baden Powell website mentions Ivan Jullien as arranger indeed (and this amazing site never seems to fail). Ivan Jullien also was the arranger on the beautiful Le Monde Musical de Baden Powell vol.2 (not to be confused with the often reissued vol.1); the Nencioli album was reissued on cd only in Japan (POCJ 2767). The song Mais Ne Rigole Pas returns on the compilation O Universo Musical de Baden Powell
Anonymous on Tuesday, 14 November, 2006
Haem… Hi Zeca!

I’m another french anonymous lurker who truly beggins to be addicted to your blog…

I never heard about Billy Nencioli (never, this is the first time ever!)… BUT… The guys credited as musicians are nearly all MAJOR (or at least very good) french jazzmen: Roger Guérin, Michel Gaudry, Daniel Humair, Armand Molinetti…

I can’t wait to check how this record sounds like…

BY THE WAY… WOAH!… YOUR BLOG IS FANTASTIC, I WON’T BE ABLE TO THANK YOU ENOUGH FOR PROVIDING SO MUCH GOODIES… Mmmh, I even wonder if you keep some records in secret from times to times…

Thanks again!
Anonymous on Friday, 05 October, 2007
I’am another French anonym but I came across “Mais ne rigole pas” on an excellent austrian compilation of French jazz / pop published by Emarcy Records.
In case you couldnt understand the lyrics – it seemed like it from your comment – “Mais ne rigole pas” is a funny but very cynical song, which seems inspired by “films noirs” and other ganster movies of the 60s. It’s basically this guy boasting saying “soon i’ll be loaded, i’ll drive a mercedes, i’ll have breakfast at maxim’s, i’ll give huge tips to the stewart, all chicks who are now scorning me will be at my feet and find i’m full of qualities” (no litteral translation). anyways he keeps saying “dont laugh, you will see”, until the end line which is “when auntie Irma shall ….. (a slang word for “to die” (claquer, to burst))
Anonymous on Thursday, 06 March, 2008
This album has a very special meanin: it introduces me to Baden Powell’s work and, later, to brazilian music.
I got this album when it was released.
The collaboration between Baden and Billy Nencioli (a rather obscure singer) is very puzzling but the musicians and the arrangements (by Ivan Julien, not Michel Colombier) are good enough to give Baden a credible background.

dom violeto on Tuesday, 10 June, 2008
Algumas curiosidades sobre esse álbum podem ser vistas na biografia que a Dreyfus escreveu sobre o Baden, inclusive o motivo de ele estar de cachecol: ele esqueceu a gravata em casa…

9 09 2011

O Andreas acaba de me enviar. Em breve estará disponível.

23 06 2013
Mário Osvaldo Fonseca (de Lisboa)

Hello Zecalouro and all orfans of Zecalouro to whom I send so many thanks;indeed you, bloggers, are making such a huge job of rediscovering and promotion of MPB, bossa and brazilian music that other tradicional and mainstream media are not able to do, or dont want to do !
About Billy Nencioli, as french speaker, this link
is good to know more about him. He was born in 1932, served in Algeria (during the war), and in 1958 won the Prix de l’Académie du Disque Français for the song “Porte des Lilas” ( Porte des Lilas is also a great song from famous french singer BRASSENS ) and the same year sang at OLYMPIA, the famous french theater.
This next website
says :
In 1965 Baden Powell returned to Paris to record his second album for Barclay with the French singer Billy Nencioli. They composed twelve songs. The texts were written by Billy Nencioli, the music and arrangements were done by BP, who until 1965 gained a lot of experience in accompaning.

We did not find much information about Billy Nencioli himself, Charles Aznavour remembered him as […] a gentleman, a pacifist in the times of the Algerian war and a exceptional composer of songs, that came directly from the heart like “On lui a donné”, “Ça m’ regarde” , “Les poteaux”, “Tante Amélie”, “On ne trouve ça qu’à Paris” […] . Billy Nencioli passed away at age 65 in 1998.

23 06 2013

Thanks for the information!

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