Cesar Camargo Mariano e Nelson Ayres – Prisma (1985)

7 10 2011

Link na Internet Wayback Machine: Cesar Camargo Mariano e Nelson Ayres – Prisma (1985)
Publicado em: WEDNESDAY, JUNE 21, 2006

Cesar Camargo Mariano put in place in 1985 a first of a kind Brazilian instrumental music experience. With Nelson Ayres (piano and keyboards), Crispin DelCistia (keyboards), Azael Rodrigues (drums) and João Parahyba (percussion), Cesar creates his second instrumental music show, “Prisma” (“Prism”) at the Bandeirantes theater in São Paulo, with computers, keyboards and digital equipment, this time used live. After a two-month run, Cesar produce an album of this show, also called “Prisma” and begin a two-year tour throughout Brazil. The show comes to be considered a high point in Brazilian instrumental music, acclaimed by both critics and public alike.


Este disco pode ser buscado no Abracadabra.



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7 10 2011

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pfkk said…
Grande “post”!!

Parabéns pelo blog!

zecalouro said…
Hey pfkk,


E então? Gostou do Prisma?

Estou curioso para saber o que o pessoal achou desse disco…


Anonymous said…
>Estou curioso para saber o que o pessoal achou desse disco…

Well, krnewman was curious how many buckets of drugs he would have to take to enjoy this kind of music. It’s sort of plastic, maybe just for old people who find J-M Jarre too “experimental” ? Do they play this in elevators or dental offices?

FRIDAY, 23 JUNE, 2006
Navega said…
Good post guys!!!
By the way, I’m not (too) old and I don’t think Jean Michel Jarre is too experimental (instead, I think he’s easy listening…) but I really like this cd, an interesting (and unusual) blend of Brazilian music and synth-driven music (echoes of prog rock?). I remember watching this band on a tv program during 80’s, when there was a jazz fusion boom here in Brazil, good memories…


27 09 2015
Deron Adams

A1 Prisma 6:05
A2 Cidade Encantada 4:22
A3 Choro Dos Reis 5:35
A4 April Child 5:43
B1 Os Breakers 4:52
B2 Capoeira 1:51
B3 Frevo Rasgado 2:56
B4 Ultima Inspiracao 5:00
B5 Nos BailesDa Vida 6:35

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