Salena Jones and the Jobims – Salena Jones sings Jobim with the Jobim’s (1994)

24 12 2011

Link na Internet Wayback Machine: Salena Jones and the Jobims – Salena Jones sings Jobim with the Jobim’s (1994)
Publicado em: THURSDAY, JANUARY 25, 2007


I’m showing with this post another attribute of Antonio Carlos Jobim, his family, The Jobims. Caetano sent this record to Loronixers with something unique, recorded in Rio de Janeiro; this album features the jazz singer Salena Jones singing the Antonio Carlos Jobim repertoire with several Jobim family members and other renowned special guests. Thanks Caetano for covering each aspect of the Great Maestro.

This is Salena Jones and the Jobims – Salena Jones sings Jobim with the Jobim’s (1994), for Som Livre. Salena Jones duets with Antonio Carlos Jobim and Paulo Jobim as indicated on track list. Personnel is also available just bellow. Tracks include:


Antonio Carlos Jobim

Paulo Jobim

Daniel Cannetti Jobim

Sebastiao Netto

Ricardo Costa

Paulo Antonio Braga

Raul de Souza

Paulo Roberto de Oliveira

Danilo Caymmi and Paulo Jobim

Marcio Mallard and Diana Lacerda

Track List

01 – I Was Just One More For You – with Antonio Carlos Jobim
02 – Água de Beber
03 – Useless Landscape
04 – Quiet Night Of Quiet Stars (Corcovado)
05 – Somewhere In The Hills – with Paulo Jobim
06 – Dindi – with Paulo Jobim
07 – Off Key (Desafinado)
08 – How Insensitive
09 – Girl (Boy) From Ipanema with Antonio Carlos Jobim
10 – Once I Loved
11 – Meditation
12 – One Note Samba (Samba de Uma Nota Só)
13 – Bonita – with Antonio Carlos Jobim
14 – Song of The Jet (Samba do Avião) with Paulo Jobim

Este disco pode ser buscado no Um que Tenha.



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24 12 2011

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cisalpino said…
I´ve searching for this record since I become interested in hearing the complete Jobim discography (difficult task). Obviously the only place possible to find it is at Loronix, thanks again Zeca and Caetano.

Frank-Oliver said…
This is a very nice session.One of the last studio recordings of Tom Jobim before his death.

the jazzman said…
Nice job by Salena. Some slight similarity to Sarah Vaughn.

Why is it that in the few places where Jobim enters for his short vocal that it just sends chills up my spine? His entrance (with Sinatra included) just makes everything so much better.

Juca said…
Grande Zeca! Eu estava procurando este disco há tempos! O que encontrei no Emule foram apenas algumas músicas. Parabéns!

Great Zeca! I was looking for this disc for a long time. Only I found at Emule were some tracks. Congratulations!


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