Antonio Carlos Jobim and Frank Sinatra – Sinatra Jobim, the Lost Tape (1969)

25 12 2011

Link original: Antonio Carlos Jobim and Frank Sinatra – Sinatra Jobim, the Lost Tape (1969)
Publicado em: Friday, January 26, 2007 by zecalouro 


I have no doubts that we have a wonderful closing to our 48 Hours of Tom Jobim at Loronix tribute. Thanks to Cesar Saldanha to make it available and for the continuous research on everything we need to know about this tape. Thanks Caetano Rodrigues that put his hands on the search to realize some important facts about this tape.

Thanks Loronixers for being here giving feedback on each release. I think we could accomplish together a truly significant tribute to Antonio Carlos Jobim legacy, making available his works and the works of other artist that were also great admirers of Tom Jobim as we are. I’m tired, but honored for making it and proud of the support of everybody. Some materials were sent in the last minute using the send files icon that could not be made available timely for this homage, thanks also for this last minute support. Your contribution was saved and will be shared later. Let’s see what we have here.

This is Antonio Carlos Jobim and Frank Sinatra – SinatraJobim, The Lost Tape (1969), for Reprise Records. I’m not writing the truth, only assumptions gathered during the last days, since the great Cesar Saldanha sent this tape to us. What we could understand for this media, this is a tape for a sesion that would be released in 1969 as the second Antonio Carlos Jobim and Sinatra collaboration. For reasons that I can only write as assumption, Frank Sinatra did not like the outcome and the record company had to withdraw this music in the last minute. Some of these tracks were used on other records, specially the one known as Sinatra & Company (1971), for Reprise.

But there is an exception. Track 10 – Off-Key (Desafinado) was never released on any media, except this lost tape. That is what makes this an amazing release, a widely unknown Sinatra recording of a classic Antonio Carlos Jobim composition. The sequence of pictures is self-explanatory. If you agree, know more or have a different story to tell, that’s the idea, feel free to engage the discussion and collaborate.

Thanks once again for supporting 48 Hours of Tom Jobim at Loronix. I was almost forgetting to say, Tracks Include:

01 – Sabia
02 – Bonita
03 – Drinking Water (Agua de Beber)
04 – One Note Samba (Samba de Uma Nota So)
05 – Don’t Ever go Away (Por Causa de Voce)
06 – Someone to Light Up my Life
07 – Triste
08 – Wave
09 – This Happy Madness (Estrada Branca)
10 – Off Key (Desafinado) – Never Released
Last Minute information: Eumir Deodato is the arranger and plays the piano.


Esta fita pode ser buscada no Rei do Disco. Havia um vídeo na postagem original que não consegui identificar qual era.  Escolhi um dos muitos disponíveis no Youtube:

E aqui terminam as “48 Horas de Jobim” do Loronix. Espero que todos tenham aproveitado tanto quanto eu aproveitei!



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25 12 2011

Comentários originais:

Jim R on Friday, 26 January, 2007
Hmm… this is interesting. I already have this recording of “Desafinado” on a CD I bought from an eBay seller in europe in 2001 (“Complete recordings, 1967 to 1969, Plus Rare Live Performances”), but I assumed that all of the 1969 tracks had been issued on the 1979 LP set “Sinatra-Jobim Sessions” (WEA 34.024; Brasil, 1979). I just checked here (, and I see that Desafinado was not issued then. While I was looking at the track list, I see that there’s a song called “Drinking Again” by Johnny Mercer and Doris Tauber (track 11 on this set) which I don’t have on my “complete” european CD. Ah, it’s hard work trying to be a completeist!

Zeca, perhaps you or Caetano have this Brasilian LP set?
Jim R on Friday, 26 January, 2007
Oops, the direct link to the LP page at Clube do Tom is:
zamurozien on Friday, 26 January, 2007
Thanks Cesar and Zeca!

Only a question. I am curious to know how did you pass the music from this 8 track catridge to the computer. It seems a matter of high engineering. ;D
Anonymous on Friday, 26 January, 2007
Dear Zecalouro:

This track Desafinado was included in the box set: Frank Sinatra – The Complete Reprise Studio Recordings (Warner Bros 46013) Recorded in Hollywood, february 12, 1969.

All the best

Anonymous on Friday, 26 January, 2007
Thank you Zeca for the monumental Jobim 48-Hour Marathon. Another great Loronix achievement. So many things to hear, so little time to dl and listen. -K
ambassador on Friday, 26 January, 2007
I believe Desafinado IS on the Sinatra-Jobim Sessions, which I have, but I’m not at home to check this right now. The great brazilian music blog Acesso Raro had it posted before it retured and I ripped it from there and indeed Desafinado was inlcuded here. I think that there a five tracks which are on the Sinatra-Jobim sessions but not on either of the two Sinatra-Jobim Lps: Desafinado, Sabia, Bonita, Manha de Carnaval & Drinking Again. But looking at the jobim discography it doesn’t include desafinado as being part of the Sinatra-Jobim sessions. I guess I’ll just have to go home and check my LP to see for myself. But, to be honest, Ole Blue Eyes’ version of the tune is not one of the best in my opinion.
Anonymous on Friday, 26 January, 2007
Oi,Zecalouro! Tudo bem?

Meu nome é Miguel e eu gostaria de agradecer-lhe por esse post. Há alguns meses eu consegui a versão completa – que saiu aqui em lp – do disco que Tom e Sinatra lançaram em 1967, ou seja, um trabalho duplo!
Agora, vem essa pérola para a minha coleção! Por favor, eu tenho um pedido. Você conhece um trabalho de Dorival Caymmi chamado “Caymmi e seu Violão”??? Se o tiver, poderia fazer o favor de postar no seu blob? Um grande abraço e agradeço-lhe desde já. Miguel
the jazzman on Saturday, 27 January, 2007
I read an article that said when people came over to Sinatra’s house he would very often be playing “Wave” from this collaboration. When asked why he played this track so often he said that he thought that the bass note he hits when he sings the word “together” was the best bass note he ever hit.

I would like to know whether “Wave”, shown as Part I and Part II (due to the flip on the track) was seamed by who?????
Anonymous on Saturday, 27 January, 2007
Nossa isso é mesmo um cartucho (formato anterior ao da fita cassette) deve ter sido difícil conseguir um aparelho que reproduzisse esse formato.
Frank-Oliver on Monday, 29 January, 2007

“Manha de Carnaval was on the Sinatra-Jobim sessions album, but this track was not recorded with Jobim but with Luiz Bonfa playing the guitar. It was released on the Sinatra “My way” album.
Anonymous on Thursday, 01 February, 2007
Como posso guardar este video medley? Guardar os videos é um negócio simples com o programinha VDownloader.
No Youtube aparece somente a parceria deles em vários arquivos de video da Garota de Ipanema. Mas estou interessado neste video mesmo! Pode dar uma dica pra gente?
Anonymous on Saturday, 12 May, 2007
Sinatra-Jobim Reprise 1028 was released on 8 track in January of 1970. Approximately 3,500 copies were shipped to Northern California. Shortly thereafter there was a meeting at Reprise with Sinatra, Mo Ostin, Sarge Weiss and others in attendance.
There were questions regarding the commercial viability of the album and a decision was made to halt further production and to also recall the 8 tracks that had been shipped. In lieu of the Jobim, Reprise issued a Sinatra album titled “Watertown.” It sold 35,000 copies out of 450,000 shipped to record stores.
Sinatra-Jobim was then released piecemeal throughout the years. The last track to be issued was “Off-Key,” in 1995 on the 20 CD “Complete Sinatra” boxed set.
The album was recorded on February 11, 12, 13, 1969 at Western Recorders Studio in Hollywood with a 39 piece orchestra. Eumir Deodato arranged and Morris Stoloff
The late Roberto Quartin was a friend and he gave me a detailed
history of the entire project. Originally Sinatra planned to record 16 songs but it was gradually whittled down to 10. Tom Jobim was very disappointed that Frank did not stay with the original 16.
A very exciting project that deserved a much better fate. It was the first album Sinatra had recorded with all the songs written by one composer. He felt the first album with Jobim had been one of his great artistic triumphs. He was especially pleased with the vocal control achieved on the 1967 album and was very eager to do a follow-up album.
Learning the 10 songs did not come easy for Sinatra. During the rehearsal process he told Jobim that he still loved to record but found the rehearsing extremely tedious.
Jim R on Saturday, 12 May, 2007
It’s a little confusing, talking about the first LP with only one composer, and the “10 tracks”.

There were 10 tracks from 1967 (the first LP, the well-known one); and 10 tracks from 1969 (this was originally supposed to be 16? I didn’t know that… too bad it was cut down to 10).

Here is a list of the tracks from the two sessions:

1. garota de ipanema (the girl from ipanema)
2. dindi
3. change partners
4. corcovado (quiet nights of quiet stars)
5. meditaçao (meditation)
6. inutil paisagem (useless landscape / if you never come to me)
7. insensatez (how insensitive)
8. i concentrate on you
9. baubles bangles and beads
10. o amor em paz (once i loved)

11. sabia
12. agua de beber (drinking water)
13. se todos fossem iguais a voce (someone to light up my life)
14. triste
15, estrada branca (this happy madness)
16. samba de uma nota so (one note samba)
17. por causa de voce (don’t ever go away)
18. wave
19. desafinado
20. bonita
edson mendes on Sunday, 13 May, 2007
Just an additional comment: once I read in a Ruy Castro’s article that Desafinado was not released because this music is a dialogue between a man and a woman and the record company decided that it was not a good idea to put two man singing it together…

More than 25 years later the preconception was lower and the music was finally issued in “The Complete Sinatra” box set.
bjbear71 on Sunday, 13 May, 2007
More information to add to the apparent confusion! *Most* of the material on this “SinatraJobim” 8 track tape is contained within the “Sinatra and Company” LP:

Also be advised that Don Costa was also most definitely an arranger (and most likely a conductor as well) on this album, in addition to Eumir Deodato. Costa is credited right on the album cover, as is Deodato. The “Sinatra and Company” album should be referenced when speaking about this tape as that is the album most people are familiar with, being that the 8 track tape is apparently such a rarity. The tape’s distinguishing feature is that it contains tracks the LP did not and was released two years prior to the LP.

Hope this info helps!
Anonymous on Friday, 15 June, 2007
Só pra acrescentar mais informações:

Arranged and Piano by Eumir Deodato

Conducted by Morris Stoloff

Drum by Claudio Slon

Guitar and vocal support by Antonio Carlos Jobim

Bass: ????

Produced by Sonny Burke

Um grande abraço a todos!

Cesar Saldanha
Anonymous on Friday, 15 June, 2007
Para completar, segundo Claudio Slon no seu Site Oficial, o baixo era de RAY BROWN, nada mau, heim??!!

Então a ficha técnica fica assim:

Arranjo e piano: Eumir Deodato
Condução: Morris Stoloff
Voz: Frank Sinatra
Violão e voz de apoio: Antonio
Carlos Jobim
Bateria: Claudio Slon
Baixo: Ray Brown
Produção: Sonny Burke

Agora está completo.

Cesar Saldanha
Anonymous on Saturday, 18 August, 2007
very nice thanks for the music. moro em los angeles. eu tinha muitos posts sobre bossa nova no meu blog, mas apaguei por causa de desinteresse (dos leitores do meu blog).
Davy H on Friday, 22 May, 2009
Hey, just wandered in here via Art Decade’s link – thanks so much for this: have loved the Sinatra/Jobim stuff for a long, long time but didn’t have ‘Desafinado’ until now. Lovely. Bon chance!

13 10 2017

O álbum completo em (FLAC) pode ser encontrado aqui:

Por outro lado, os dois conjuntos de sessões, em 1967 e 1969, com Frank Sinatra e Tom Jobim foram lançados no CD “Frank Sinatra, Antônio Carlos Jobim – The Complete Reprise Recordings” e podem ser encontrados, também em FLAC aqui:

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