Les Masques – Brazilian Sound (1969) featuring Le Trio Camara

5 01 2012

Link na Internet Wayback Machine: Les Masques – Brazilian Sound (1969) featuring Le Trio Camara
Publicado em: TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 06, 2007

I went to the mail office today to send Caetano some MDs and for reasons out of my control I choose a station at Copacabana, far away home. It happened again; there I could understand that my decision for that station was the proximity to an old vinyl shop. More than 5 friends said that I’m cheating when I say that some LPs at Loronix were taken from these stores with the price of R$ 1.00 (One Real or .45 cents). This time I decided to make pictures with my mobile phone, look at the left what I found sleeping in the box of R$ 1.00 LPs, that wonderful Marisa Gata Mansa LP with Conjunto Moacyr Silva (click to enlarge).
Anyway, let’s move forward with a record that should make the day of Loronixers. Truly great. This is Les Masques – Brazilian Sound (1969), for Columbia, featuring Le Trio Camara. That’s exactly what you are reading, Les Masques is a Brazilian female vocal group – I don’t know if they are from Brazil or France, since the lyrics are in French – that get backed by Le Trio Camera for this recording. This also remembers me to look for the long requested Le Trio Camera self-titled LP, but I think that Les Masques with Le Trio Camara is a great introduction.This record was sent to zecalouro from a Loronixer, since he wrote in this language – För att ladda ner filen, klicka på länken nedan. Alternativt klipp ut adressen och klistra in den i din webbläsare – I could identify who was the great contributor, which I want to say thanks. Tracks include:01 – Echo
02 – Il Faut Tenir
03 – Un Regard Un Sourire
04 – Enfer
05 – Bal Chez Le Baron
06 – La Grosse Bosse a Casanova
07 – Mais Un Jour
08 – Invitation
09 – Dis Nous Quel Est Le Chemin
10 – L’oiseau
11 – Les Filles Et Les Garcons

Este disco pode ser buscado no Um que Tenha.



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5 01 2012

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Now To The Power Of Now said…
This is a very good session! You might enjoy – Conversations With The Silhouettes [1969 Segue] by The Silhouettes

Mr. G said…
These are French singers who decided to do a Brazilian-style album, around 1970, backed by Trio Camara during the time when TC was based in Paris. This is around the same time as the wonderful “Le Trio Camara” LP on Saravah. Both are amazing!

Anonymous said…
information taken on Martian Shaker, a great french site, learn us that the french singers are Pierre Vassiliu – later famous for his cover of chico buarque’s Partido Alto (“qui c’est celui-là” for the french title) – and Nicole Croisille, the girl who sings on the “Un homme et une femme” soundtrack. This album is really amazing, with a very fresh european approach and at the same time strong roots in Brasil thanks to the backing by Trio Camara. The original album is incredibly hard to find, even the reissue by french label Dare Dare is hard to find.

There are more to discover from french singers, for example Isabelle Aubret as I wrote it on la blogotheque 🙂

Martian Shaker : http://martian-shaker.blogspot.com/2006/04/les-masques-brasilian-sound.html
blogotheque : http://www.blogotheque.net/article.php3?id_article=1896

last info : The Trio Camara LP on Saravah has been reissued by the same label.



21 09 2012

Caro amigo, eu li que Pierre Vassiliu e Nicole Croisille fizeram parte dos cantores, sao famosos e certamente dois dos melhores da época. A primeira vez que eu ouvi Vassiliu em português!!!
Mas eu nao consegui achar esse disco no blog J thyme…, você pode dar um novo link, obrigado.

22 09 2012

Obrigado por avisar, Jamz. Providenciei um link novo.

22 09 2012

Obrigado, sempre um grande prazer de caminhar pelo seu blog

24 04 2013
26 02 2017
doan daniel

Members of this vocal group were all experienced French vocalists who had a solo career, or were part of , mostly, famous vocal groups. Complete line-up is:
Anne and husband Claude Germain (former Double Six & Swingle Singers)
Anne and husband Pierre Vassiliu (well known French singer)
Alice Herald (former Swingle Singers)
Nicole Croisille (well-known vocalist of French picture “A man & a woman”fame)
Claudine Meunier (former Blue Stars, Double Six, Swingle Singers)
Singers/composers José Bartel, Charles Level.
France Laurie
Eddy Louiss (former Double Six and famous French jazz organist)
Le trio Camara were pianist Fernando Martins, bassist Edson Lobo and drummer Nelson Serra(former Trio 3D).
With such musicians, all Bossa lovers, it’s no surprise the record became
cult….more than 20 years after it was released in 1969; at that time it didn’t sell.

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