Quincas Berro D’Agua de Jorge Amado – Trilha Sonora da Peca Teatral (1972) | EP

2 02 2012

Link original: Quincas Berro D’Agua de Jorge Amado – Trilha Sonora da Peca Teatral (1972) | EP
Publicado em: Friday, March 09, 2007 by zecalouro

Let’s move forward with something different, a Compacto Duplo, also known as EP, kindly sponsored by Trix from Minas Gerais. Trix found this gem accidentally; he was making a research on rare tracks of Nara Leao for his listening pleasure, when this record came on his several blitz on old vinyl shops in Belo Horizonte. Thanks Trix for making it available to Loronixers.

This is Quincas Berro D’Agua – Trilha Sonora da Peca Teatral (1972), for Philips, featuring Nara Leao, Gereba, MPB-4, Edil Pacheco and Fernado Lona. It will be very nice to hear new tracks from Nara Leao and MPB-4 never released in their solo releases. Tracks include:

01 – Canto De Nanã (Dorival Caymmi) – MPB-4
02 – Beira Mágoa (Fernando Lona / João Augusto) – NARA LEAO
03 – Baião De Quincas (Gereba / Patinhas) – GEREBA
04 – Ensinança (Edil Pacheco / João Augusto) – EDIL PACHECO
05 – Venha (Fernando Lona / João Augusto) – FERNANDO LONA


Este disco pode ser buscado no Um que Tenha.



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2 02 2012

Comentários originais:

J Thyme…kind on Friday, 09 March, 2007
This is maybe some the first material she recorded in Brasil after being in France?
Livia prince on Wednesday, 01 October, 2008
Thank you so much for posting this! I´m a teacher and I´ve been looking for this a long time! Do you know were can I download the movie?
Zecalouro on Thursday, 02 October, 2008
Dear Livia,

Unfortunately, I don’t know where this movie is available. But I’m happy that Loronix could be useful for your work as a teacher. Thank you!

Regards, zeca
AdHoc on Thursday, 02 October, 2008
This is the music for the 1972 stage adaptation (Teatro Vila Velha, Salvador, Bahia) of Jorge Amado’s novel by João Augusto. There is a Rede Globo short film (around 60 min) from 1978, directed by Walter Avancini and with a fabulous cast (Paulo Gracindo, Dina Sfat, Ana Maria Magalhães, Antônio Pitanga, Flávio Migliaccio, Stênio Garcia…). It was called “A Morte e a Morte de Quicas Berro d’Água”. I don’t know if the OST was released by Globo. I just learned (by googling it) that if you live in Santos (SP), you can rent this video from the “Museo da Imagem e do Som de Santos”, but for the rest of us, this is probably only a piece of useless information. Or maybe not, because if it’s available in Santos (of all places), it might also be available elsewhere. Last but not least, a new version is currently being filmed by Sérgio Machado. It should hit the big screen in 2009.

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