Walter Wanderley – Moondreams (1969)

19 03 2012

Link original: Walter Wanderley – Moondreams (1969)
Publicado em: Friday, May 04, 2007 by zecalouro

It is amazing this album has gone out of print, actually, I never heard about being re-issued on CD. This is one of the lastest albums recorded by Walter Wanderley and the second he made to A&M label under production of Creed Taylor. Such like the first A&M release, Walter Wanderley – When it Was Done, Moondreams has orchestra arrangements, something not common on Walter Wanderley records, mostly based on tight instrumental combos. Let’s see how Loronixers feedback this release.

This is Walter Wanderley – Moondreams (1969), for A&M. The first track, Asa Branca and Baiao de Dois (Humberto Teixeira / Luiz Gonzaga), worth the entire album and it is one of the best versions of tune among the several I could hear before. There are lyrics and a choir featuring the well known to Loronixers Flora Purim with Linda November, Stella Stevens and Susan Manchester. Eumir Deodato was also at the set, delivering orchestral and vocal arrangements while Walter Wanderley was in charge of the remaining instruments. This cover is very beautiful and so far is the best among this framed CTI style that was used also at Samba Blim and We at the Sea of Tamba Trio. Tracks include:

PersonnelWalter Wanderley
(organ, eletric hapsichord)
Jose Marinho
Joao Palma
Lulu Ferreira and Airto Moreira
Bernie Glow
(piston, flugelhorn)
Marvin Stamm
Flora Purim, Linda November, Stella Stevens and Susan Manchester

Track List

01 – Asa Branca (Humberto Teixeira / Luis Gonzaga) Baião de Dois (Humberto Teixeira / Luis Gonzaga)
02 – L’amore Dice Ciao (Trovajoli / Guardabassi / R. Greenaway)
03 – Baião da Penha (Guio de Morais / David Nasser)
04 – One Of The Nicer Things (J. Webb)
05 – Proton Electron Neutron (Marcos Valle / Paulo Sergio Valle)
06 – 5 30 Plane (J. Webb)
07 – Soulful Strut (E. Record / S. Sanders)
08 – Moondreams (O Sonho) (Egberto Gismonti / Vrs. Jay Livingston / Vrs. R. Evans)
09 – Jacqueline Tudo (Eumir Deodato)
10 – Mirror Of Love (Judy Spencer / Eumir Deodato)


Este disco pode ser buscado no Parallel Realities.




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19 03 2012

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Helio Tavares on Friday, 04 May, 2007
This album was re-issued on CD in Japan and I have it. I don’t know what you meant when you said you never heard it was re-issued on CD. You ripped it from the LP or the CD? If you ripped it from the LP I can send you the tracks ripped from the CD, if you want. If not, let it be.
Thomas on Saturday, 05 May, 2007
I have a Japanese CD of this as well. Good to see that this fab LP is being shared. As I may have said before, one cannot go wrong with Walter Wanderley. Also anyone who enjoyed the track “L’amore Dice Ciao” may want to know that the original version appears on the original soundtrack to the 1968 Italian film “La Matriarca” with music by the immortal Armando Trovaioli.
Zeca, there is a whole world of bossa inspired Italian movie soundtrack music that I have not seen on Loronix. I would be more than happy to share my collection with Loronixers if you feel so inclined to post them. Let me know.
cvllos on Saturday, 05 May, 2007
Zeca, ainda nao é esse!
In search of “Tempinho Bom”.
That’s the ONE!
cristiano n.a. on Tuesday, 08 May, 2007
opa, mais um excelente album perdido q vcs recuperam, só posso agradecer. mas, não sei se foi só comigo, parece q falta a faixa 5 “proton, eletron neutron”. mais uma vez agradeço, até

20 03 2012

Tive a sorte de encontrar este Lp num sebo por 2 Reais sem capa, ja que o mesmo era do Sistema Radio JORNAL DO BRASIL. love it 🙂

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