Special Post | Caetano’s Book Leaves Sao Paulo

28 03 2012

Link original: Special Post | Caetano’s Book Leaves Sao Paulo
Publicado em: Wednesday, May 16, 2007 by zecalouro

Hello, Good Evening! Loronix agents were in Sao Paulo today to transfer Caetano Rodrigues book to zecalouro’s cage in Rio de Janeiro, the last stop before arriving in the US to Lemuel, the great Survey Lottery Winner. The agents are trained to provide world-class security to the book, but they are also Loronixers and did not resist taking pictures of Caetano writing his autography at Lemuel book and also Caetano hugging the book and saying goodbye to it.

Attention to special areas on picture. The Jazz session on top, the CD collection in the right and the locked shelf of main Brazilian LPs in the lower part. I’m also highlighting the LP browsing chair, which is the only viable way to dig inside the Brazilian collection. This is not Caetano’s whole collection; it is just a small sample. The music is all around his place. Once again I want to thanks Caetano for making available one of the last books available as new copy on his possession. Tracks include: Opps! Sorry, there are no tracks! In an hour or so the music starts.





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28 03 2012

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zamurozien on Wednesday, 16 May, 2007
Glad to see the great Caetano in the “Sancta Sanctorum” of his collection of music.

Caetano, one more time, I am very grateful to you for sharing through Loronix your invaluable and vast collection.

Muito obrigado!
g picanco on Wednesday, 16 May, 2007
Muito prazer, Caetano.
E um grande abraço.
Jim R on Wednesday, 16 May, 2007
Great to see the man… behind the man… behind the parrot (who we all know is really in charge, giving directions from his cage).

Caetano is very well organized!! Someday we must ask him about that jazz collection…

Thanks for the fun, and congratulations to Lemuel- a lucky guy.
Marcelo MUnhoz on Wednesday, 16 May, 2007
Parece que corre um boato, que o Papa Bento XVI voltará ao Brasil dentro em breve, para uma nova cerimônia solene de canonização. Desta vez o o Santo a ser beatificado será o “São Caetano dos LPs de Bossa”.
Não sei se procede, sabem como são os boatos…!
bossanovadreamer on Wednesday, 16 May, 2007
Zeca, what of fine idea with this great photos of the beautiful place of the grande Caetano-the man who was really there when all happened in Rio.
Loronix was great before Ceatano but Loronix is simply beautiful since Caetano is here.
Thanks again for all Caetano
and happines with the book Lemuel!
aluvsupreme on Wednesday, 16 May, 2007
Muitos muitos obrigados e abracos to Caetano.

I will have to send a photo with the prized possesion in my “sancta sanctorum”. It is not as neat as Mestre Caetano’s. Hmm, I may just have a gathering with friends to welcome (show-off) the book. Stay posted fellow Loronixers.

Ate logo, Lemuel
Anonymous on Thursday, 17 May, 2007
Caetano, você é uma pessoa muito especial;obrigado por tudo!!!

Doctor Silvana

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