Elizeth Cardoso – Cancoes a Meia Luz com Elizete Cardoso (1955) 10-inch

6 10 2012

Link original: Elizeth Cardoso – Cancoes a Meia Luz com Elizete Cardoso (1955) 10-inch
Publicado em: Sunday, November 11, 2007 by zecalouro

I think I have a problem with the initial albums released by Elizeth Cardoso in the 10-inch format. Elizeth Cardoso discography features two 10-inches and my problem is the vinyl quality, both are quite damaged and the transfers I made were not so good as deserved. Actually, this one, Elizeth debut LP for Continental (1955), is at least acceptable. However, the second, Fim de Noite (1956), for Copacabana — look at your right — is really damaged. Perhaps Thiago Mello from the excellent Bossa-Brasileira can make it and share at his website one day. Meanwhile, let’s stay with this one, even with eventual hisss in the background, this album really worth. Let’s see.

This is Elizeth Cardoso – Cancoes a Meia Luz (1955), for Continental, featuring a very young Elizeth Cardoso in her first steps, performing a nice selection of eight cuts. Little I know about this recording session, in terms of musicians in the set and arrangers, but Radames Gnattali delivers one composition by his own, track 08 – Pra que me Iludir, perhaps a hint for Cancoes a Meia Luz arranger. Tracks include:

01 – Canção da Volta (Ismael Netto / Antônio Maria) Samba-canção
02 – Nunca Mais (Dorival Caymmi) Samba
03 – Memórias (Hianto de Almeida / Evaldo Ruy) Samba
04 – Só Você Mais Nada (Paulo Soledade) Samba-canção
05 – Linda Flor (Henrique Vogeler / Luis Peixoto / Marques Porto) Samba-canção
06 – Se o Tempo Entendesse (Marino Pinto / Mário Rossi) Samba
07 – Caminha (Evaldo Ruy / Rolando Candiano) Samba-canção
08 – Pra Que Me Iludir (Radamés Gnattali / Norival Reis) Samba


Esse disco pode ser buscado no Parallel Realities.




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6 10 2012

Comentários originais:
Anonymous said…
Cancoes a Meia Luz is an interesting and pleasant record. Fim de Noite is, according to the five tracks I compiled from various “Best of” type of recordings available on the net maybe even better.I have no idea how damaged the Fim de Noite recording is, but I managed to clean Cancoes a Meia Luz of most hiss and noise (without damaging the frequences) and to eliminate the heavier clicks, so the chances are that it would also be possible for me (or somebody else) to do the same with Fim de Noite.
A suggestion: Why not post it as a restauration challenge?

Milan Filipovic

Tuesday, 22 April, 2008

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