The Brasileros – Bossa Nova (1963)

7 10 2012

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Publicado em: Monday, November 12, 2007 by zecalouro

PhilMusical is a veteran blogger, owner and maintainer of Phil Musical Lounge Corner at that was created months or years before Loronix, I’m not sure. Phil came out of the blue a couple of days ago at CBox with some offers to Loronix and I think he is delivering a great find to our community. In spite of this cover artwork, featuring a picture of an Inca warrior (perhaps Maia?) from Peru that has nothing to do with Brazil, this album is very, very, very good. Believe me, this is truly awesome and I could not wait longer to ask Phil for another vinyl ripping or additional info. Let’s see.

This is The Brasileros – Bossa Nova (1963), for Diplomat, featuring jazzy instrumental renditions of Bossa Nova standards, probably performed by US musicians, they are not credited and I could not find any further information about this little piece of great music. This is the kind of album that you will be spinning over and over again for many years and it is not one of those impossible to find LPs, it is available on e-Bay from many sellers by an affordable price. Run for them, I think people will run for The Brasileros as soon as taking this one for a hearing. Thanks once again Phil. Tracks include:

01 – Desafinado
02 – One Note Samba
03 – When Johnny Comes Marching Home
04 – Sugar Loaf
05 – Bossa Nova Blues
06 – Sazella de Rio
07 – Promenade San Paulo
08 – In The Shade of the Old Apple Tree
09 – Desarama
10 – Witch Hazel


Não tinha esse disco. Porém, graças ao amigo Salvador, ele pode ser buscado provisoriamente aqui.




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7 10 2012

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Anonymous said…
thanks for presenting Bossa Nova – your blog is really great

greetings from Quito, EC: karo

Monday, 12 November, 2007
Anonymous said…
Eis as informações sobre o LP (in:

Date: ca. 1963

Label: Diplomat
Bill Barron (ldr), Bill Barron (ts), Kenny Barron (p), Ron Carter (b), Charli Persip (d)

a. 01 Desafinado [aka Slightly Out Of Tune] (Antonio Carlos Jobim, Newton Mendonça, Jon Hendricks)
b. 02 One Note Samba [aka Samba De Uma Nota So] (Antonio Carlos Jobim, Newton Mendonça)
c. 03 When Johnny Comes Marching Home (Patrick S. Gilmore)
d. 04 Sugar Loaf (Bill Barron)
e. 06 Sazella De Rio (Bill Barron)
f. 07 Promenade Sao Paulo (Bill Barron)
g. 08 In The Shade Of The Old Apple Tree (Harry Williams, Egbert Van Alstyne)
h. 09 Desarama (Bill Barron)
i. 10 Witch Hazel (Bill Barron)
All titles on: – Diplomat LP 12″: D 2285 – The Brasileros – Bossa Nova

Date unknown – 1963 is speculative.

One additional selection #5 “Bossa Nova Blues” probably by Bill Barron, possibly alternative title for his “Blue Nova.”

Bill Barron is not credited on this album. Some information on this session supplied by Kenny Barron in a 2001 interview for

Saturday, 17 November, 2007
Marcos Felipe said…
Desafinado does not mean “slightly” out of tune but actually it means “out of tune”, which is a great joke when talking about Tom Jobim.

Just adding two cents to the great post above…

Friday, 03 April, 2009

7 10 2012

Aí vão todas a faixas: Brasileros 1963.rar

7 10 2012

Muito obrigado!

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