Happy New Year | Copacabana Celebration by Pictures

31 12 2012

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12:00 a.m.


Let’s play with this Reveillon celebration at Copacabana. This panorama was taken today from my building at noon, it is a 180 degrees panorama. The beach seems normal, such like any given summer day. The idea is to take a new picture every three hours, so we can check how this place gets full of people as time goes by. The next update will be at 3pm. See you there.

Hope uEnjoy!

03:00 p.m. update


This is the 3pm update, no major changes after three hours, except by the boats. The boats are coming with the fireworks that were originally placed at the beach, a nice decision taken to make everything as safe as possible. Do not miss the original panorama, I did not see an airplane crossing the sky and this is a problem when you have to stitch 10 photos to make a panorama like this one. You will see what happened with the plane at the original panorama Do not miss the next update at 06pm. See you there.

Hope uEnjoy!

06:00 p.m. update


Here we go on our 6pm update, I’m afraid this should be the last one since my camera is very simple and with no capabilities to shot night pictures. We can see some real action this time, one of those big cruiser ships took position to watch the fireworks and people starts concentrate in the middle of the beach. I heard about a major change this year, instead of setting up several stages across the beach with different music styles, only a single stage will be make available this year in the middle of the beach with sound and real-time video along the place. Let’s check. Do not miss the last and final update, if exists.

Hope uEnjoy!

Hermeto Pascoal e Grupo – Festa dos Deuses (1992)

31 12 2012

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Hermeto Pascoal - Festa dos Deuses (1992)todos

We closed 2006 with a Luiz Bonfa wearing a tuxedo, in the spirit of the New Year’s Eve celebration. I’m a superstitious parrot; so it is better do the same in 2007. We are closing 2008 with an artist that represents the music from Brazil, a real ambassador that promotes our music across the globe, Hermeto Pascoal. This white cover represents peace, and it is the color people use to wear in Brazil in New Year Eve celebration. The title has the words Festa and Deuses, just to bring us good luck in 2008. Anyway, in spite of this choice, driven by the occasion, this is a truly awesome album that had prematurely gone out of print. Let’s see.

This is Hermeto Pascoal e Grupo – Festa dos Deuses (1992), for Philips. Hermeto Pascoal liner notes is the best approach to review Festa dos Deuses, made available bellow. Have a nice 2008. Tracks include:

Festa dos Deuses / Fest of the Gods is a work that I call Universal Music in all its senses: rhythmic, harmonic and melodic and fundamentally original.

I am happy to have several very special guests on this disk, like Brazilian President Collor de Mello, physical education teacher Fabíula Pascoal and the great actor and poet Mario Lago. Each of them sings marvelously well within the “sound of the aura,” sensitively captured. It is virtually impossible to explain with words and adjectives what the “sound of aura” actually is, but one thing I do know: it depends greatly upon the musicality and perception of the musician.

Then there is she, who said to me on the telephone: “Godfather, I can only reach from a low E until the F on he 5th line of the music staff,” but as the recording progressed, she got more and more relaxed until she was able to reach a high D. Because of this she ended up recording a full 7 tracks with us. I have the pleasure to present you Luciana Souza, a new and beautiful voice.

I am suspect when I speak about these great musicians, my brothers in sound in the group: Carlos, Jovino, Itibere, Marcio, Fabio and Pernambuco, but I simply must thank them for all they give of themselves, so much truth and love for this music.

Hermeto Pascoal


Hermeto Pascoal


(piano, keyboards, apito, solo de berrante, chaleira, maquina de costura, cavaquinho, surdo, flauta de bambu, accordion, voice, arrangements)

Jovino Santos Neto


(piano, keyboards, flute)

Carlos Malta


(sax, flute)

Itibere Zwarg



Marcio Bahia


(drums, percussion)

Fabio Pascoal






Track List

01 – O Galo do Airan (Hermeto Pascoal)
02 – Rainha da Pedra Azul (Hermeto Pascoal)
03 – Viajando Pelo Brasil (Hermeto Pascoal)
04 – O Farol Que nos Guia (Hermeto Pascoal)
05 – Pensamento Positivo (Trecho da Entrevista Concedida Pelo Excelentíssimo Sr Presidente da República Dr Fernando Collor de Mello)
06 – Peneirando Água (Hermeto Pascoal)
07 – Canção no Paiol Em Curitiba (Hermeto Pascoal)
08 – Aula de Natação (Fabíola Pascoal)
09 – Três Coisas (Mário Lago)
10 – Irmãos Latinos (Hermeto Pascoal)
11 – Depois do Baile (Hermeto Pascoal)
12 – Quando as Aves Se Encontram Nasce o Som (Uirapuru – Sabiá – Corvo – Fogo-apagou – Galo – Bacurau – Marreco) (Hermeto Pascoal)
13 – Round Midnight (Hanigham / Williams / T. Monke)
14 – Fazenda Nova (Hermeto Pascoal)
15 – Ginga Carioca (Hermeto Pascoal)
16 – Chapéu de Baeta (Hermeto Pascoal)


Esse disco pode ser buscado no Um que Tenha. Notem a presença fabulosa da Luciana Souza nos vocais (faixas 1, 2, 4 e 7), quando ainda era uma desconhecida, no mesmo ano em que lançou seu primeiro disco independente.

Happy New Year!

31 12 2012

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I wish a wonderful new year to everybody and thanks for being part of our great community. We had a fantastic 2007 and I hope we cross 2008 as strong as we did this year. Thanks once again for your passion to the music from Brazil.

Happy New Year!


Bil Bell Quarteto – Sua Majestade o Sax

30 12 2012

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Bil Bell Quarteto - Sua Majestade O Sax (no date)

Hello, good evening! I’m making public my Christmas and New Year’s Eve gift to my very good friend Caetano Rodrigues. Loronix would not be the same without Caetano’s music and advice given on continuous basis to us. Caetano is also a very special human being and this album is something impossible to find, featuring one of the artists that he like most, although we do not have much information on his real identity. The first thing I will make after press the submit button and release this post is to reach Caetano Rodrigues, I’m sure he will be excited and walking on circles for several minutes. Let’s see.

This is Bil Bell Quarteto – Sua Majestade o Sax (no date), for Damic, featuring jazzy renditions of international standards lead by a quartet with not credited musicians. bossanovadreamer has a hint about Bil Bell, he said on our last Bil Bell release that Hector Costita is his best guess. Is there anybody here who knows the real artist behind Bil Bell? This answer would make Caetano Rodrigues extremely pleased. Tracks include:

01 – I’m Getting Sentimental Over You
02 – Autumn Leaves
03 – Rose
04 – The Man I Love
05 – Temptation
06 – Body and Soul
07 – Indian Summer
08 – Summertime in Venice
09 – Laura
10 – Poinciana
11 – I’m in the Mood for Love
12 – A Woman in Love


Não tinha esse disco. Porém, graças aos amigos Andreas e Martoni ele pode ser buscado aqui.

Maria Lucia Godoy – Maria Lucia Godoy Interpreta Villa Lobos (1977)

29 12 2012

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Maria Lucia Godoy - Interpreta Villa Lobos (1977)

I’m sure that Maria Lucia Godoy has several admirers at Loronix, and I feel really glad about it, from a rather unknown to a very requested artist by many friends. It is not easy to find her albums and I was even satisfied with the two previous we made at Loronix. This third one, with Maria Lucia Godoy performing Villa Lobos at his 90th anniversary is a real find, she is truly gorgeous in this session and is backed by Sergio Abreu, a Brazilian guitarist, brother of Eduardo Abreu from the legendary and acclaimed Duo Abreu. Let’s see.

This is Maria Lucia Godoy – Maria Lucia Godoy Interpreta Villa Lobos (1977), for Philips, featuring an orchestra of cellos on tracks 01 to 05 conducted by Alceo Bocchino and the guitar and arrangements of Sergio Abreu on tracks 06 to 11. I’m making available a music video with Duo Abreu performing a Domenico Scarlatti Sonata, K.141 in 1974. Duo Abreu was internationally acclaimed, but had a short career. Sergio Abreu is now an international highly praised luthier since he left his career as musician in the beginning of the 80’s. Stay with Maria Lucia Godoy and do not miss Dou Abreu music video, perhaps their only known video performance. Tracks include:

01 – ”Bachianas Brasileiras Nº 5” Ária (Cantilena) (Villa-Lobos / Ruth Valadares Correia) Dança (Martelo) (Villa-Lobos / Manuel Bandeira)
02 – Na Paz do Outono (Villa-Lobos / Ronald de Carvalho)
03 – Lundu da Marquesa de Santos (Villa-Lobos / Viriato Correia)
04 – Desejo (Villa-Lobos / Guilherme de Almeida)
05 – Cantiga do Viúvo (Villa-Lobos / Carlos Drummond de Andrade)
06 – Canção do Amor (De ”Floresta do Amazonas”) (Villa-Lobos / Dora Vasconcelos)
07 – Cantilena (O Rei Mandou Me Chamar) (Villa-Lobos)
08 – Modinha (Villa-Lobos)
09 – Remeiro de São Francisco (Villa-Lobos)
10 – Canção do Poeta do Século XVIII (Villa-Lobos / Alfredo Ferreira)
11 – ”Suíte” A Menina e a Canção (Villa-Lobos) Quero Ser Alegre (Villa-Lobos) Sertaneja (Villa-Lobos)


Não tinha esse disco. Porém, graças ao amigo Martoni, ele pode ser buscado aqui.

Acredito que o vídeo é o que segue:

Varios Artistas – Baiao Nr. 3 (1953)

29 12 2012

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Baiao Nr. 3 (1953)

Hello, good evening! Let’s start this Saturday visiting another album from a very nice and old Musidisc sequel dedicated to a genre that dominated Brazilian popular music in the 40’s and 50’s, the Baiao. We made available a couple of months ago Baiao Nr. 2, and now it is time to show Baiao Nr. 3, much better than the second one. Let’s see.

This is Baiao Nr. 3 (1953), for Musidisc, featuring the Brazilian pianist Leal Brito, later known as Britinho, and several special guests, such as the vocal group Tres Marias, Nilo Sergio, Manezinho Araujo and Catulo de Paula. The repertoire features sixteen Baiao tunes, with instrumental tracks by Leal Brito and lyrics when a special guest makes an appearance. I like Baiao and Leal Brito instrumental tracks really worth checking out. Tracks include:

The Performers

Leal Brito e Orquestra
(all tracks)

Nilo Sergio
Tres Marias
Manezinho Araujo
Catulo de Paula

Track List

01 – Casinha Pequenina – Cangaceiro (Tradicional / Adpt. Leal Brito)
02 – Mulher Rendeira (Tradicional) Casinha na Colina (Tradicional / Adpt. Nilo Sergio / Adpt. Leal Brito) with NILO SERGIO
03 – Não Dei Meu Coração (Jorge Tavares / Geraldo Medeiros) Epa o Baião Pegou (Carioca) with TRES MARIAS
04 – Peguei Um Ita no Norte (Dorival Caymmi) Trem Ó Lá Lá (Humberto Teixeira / Lauro Maia)
05 – Cuco (Paschoal Melillo / Avaré) No Ceará Não Tem Disso Não (Guio de Morais)
06 – A Mulher Barbada (Manezinho Araújo / Carvalhinho) Coco do Bamba Lê Lê (Manezinho Araújo) with MANEZINHO ARAUJO
07 – Meu Limão Meu Limoeiro (Tradicional) Urubu Malandro (Tradicional / Adpt. Lourival de Carvalho “Louro”)
08 – Desengano (S. Barbosa) Não Perdes Por Esperar (Catulo de Paula) with CATULO DE PAULA


Não tinha esse disco. Porém, graças ao amigo Martoni, ele pode ser buscado aqui.

Baden Powell – Nosso Baden (1980) featuring Os Originais do Samba

28 12 2012

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Baden Powell - Nosso Baden (1980)-FRONT

Baden Powell - Nosso Baden (1980)-BACK

cvllos said bellow that I’m a tireless vinyl searcher, however, when I check my hunting list, I think it has more albums on search than the ones available at Loronix. Some albums on my hunting list I already have, but they stay listed waiting for a better cover, better media and even to replace a missing piece. This one is the last example and I gave up on searching for another copy. I will tell you what is missing on it. Let’s see.

This is Baden Powell – Nosso Baden (1980), for Atlantic. I like this album, Baden Powell guitar has only the accompaniment of Os Originais do Samba rhythm section, there is no bass, drums or any other electric instrument. It is a late acoustic album, a very common concept today. Baden Powell sings with his small and beautiful voice of his late years and Os Originais do Samba give some vocal support in some tracks.

This album was never released on CD and came with a single featuring Baden Powell performing an instrumental song A Estrela e a Cruz. The single was part of a contest, and the idea was to give a chance to everybody to be Baden Powell partner on A Estrala e a Cruz. There was a form inside the album to be fulfilled with your lyrics to the song A Estrela e A Cruz. Unfortunately, I don’t have this single and this is the missing piece of this post. I thought we could make the contest again using this single. I urge Loronixers to track this single down, so we can try to organize this contest 28 years after the first one. Tracks include:


Baden Powell
(violao, voice)
Os Originais do Samba
(percussion, voice)

Track List

01 – Mesa Redonda (Baden Powell / Paulo César Pinheiro)
02 – Jongo (João Pernambuco)
03 – Até Eu (Baden Powell / Paulo César Pinheiro)
04 – Cai Dentro (Baden Powell / Paulo César Pinheiro)
05 – Odeon (Ernesto Nazareth)
06 – Queixa (Baden Powell / Vinicius de Moraes)
07 – Abismo de Rosas (Américo Jacomino “Canhoto”)
08 – Ingênuo (Pixinguinha / Baden Powell)
09 – Canção das Flores (Baden Powell / Paulo César Pinheiro)


Esse disco pode ser buscado no Martoni.