Baden Powell – Nosso Baden (1980) featuring Os Originais do Samba

28 12 2012

Link original: Baden Powell – Nosso Baden (1980) featuring Os Originais do Samba
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Baden Powell - Nosso Baden (1980)-FRONT

Baden Powell - Nosso Baden (1980)-BACK

cvllos said bellow that I’m a tireless vinyl searcher, however, when I check my hunting list, I think it has more albums on search than the ones available at Loronix. Some albums on my hunting list I already have, but they stay listed waiting for a better cover, better media and even to replace a missing piece. This one is the last example and I gave up on searching for another copy. I will tell you what is missing on it. Let’s see.

This is Baden Powell – Nosso Baden (1980), for Atlantic. I like this album, Baden Powell guitar has only the accompaniment of Os Originais do Samba rhythm section, there is no bass, drums or any other electric instrument. It is a late acoustic album, a very common concept today. Baden Powell sings with his small and beautiful voice of his late years and Os Originais do Samba give some vocal support in some tracks.

This album was never released on CD and came with a single featuring Baden Powell performing an instrumental song A Estrela e a Cruz. The single was part of a contest, and the idea was to give a chance to everybody to be Baden Powell partner on A Estrala e a Cruz. There was a form inside the album to be fulfilled with your lyrics to the song A Estrela e A Cruz. Unfortunately, I don’t have this single and this is the missing piece of this post. I thought we could make the contest again using this single. I urge Loronixers to track this single down, so we can try to organize this contest 28 years after the first one. Tracks include:


Baden Powell
(violao, voice)
Os Originais do Samba
(percussion, voice)

Track List

01 – Mesa Redonda (Baden Powell / Paulo César Pinheiro)
02 – Jongo (João Pernambuco)
03 – Até Eu (Baden Powell / Paulo César Pinheiro)
04 – Cai Dentro (Baden Powell / Paulo César Pinheiro)
05 – Odeon (Ernesto Nazareth)
06 – Queixa (Baden Powell / Vinicius de Moraes)
07 – Abismo de Rosas (Américo Jacomino “Canhoto”)
08 – Ingênuo (Pixinguinha / Baden Powell)
09 – Canção das Flores (Baden Powell / Paulo César Pinheiro)


Esse disco pode ser buscado no Martoni.




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28 12 2012

Comentários originais:
bossanovadreamer said…
I have only one word- fantastic album- it makes a lot of fun to listen to at moment- a very great Baden!!

Best wishes

Tuesday, 01 January, 2008
Anonymous said…
I have this album, along with the single, “A Estrela E A Cruz.” On one side of the single jacket it says, “Voce quer ser parceiro de Baden Powell?”

Tuesday, 31 March, 2009

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