Toninho Horta – Terra dos Passaros (1979)

6 01 2013

Link original: Toninho Horta – Terra dos Passaros (1979)
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Toninho Horta - Terra dos Passaros (1979)



Jazz meets Clube da Esquina, this is the best definition I can give to you on another Toninho Horta LP at Loronix. I remember the first one and how people get excited with Toninho Horta – Diamond Land (1979) featuring only instrumental tracks. Terra dos Passaros was released exactly 10 years before Diamond Land and has a blend of instrumental and tracks with lyrics sung by Toninho Horta exactly as his Clube da Esquina peers. This is a major step on my Toninho Horta education, a very important musician on the development of the Brazilian guitar. Let’s see.

This is Toninho Horta – Terra dos Passaros (1979), for Odeon, presented here by a vinyl reissue sponsored by MinasCaixa, a financial institution in Minas Gerais. I think I spoke everything at the first paragraph, instead of the jazzy approach of Diamond Land, Terra dos Passaros is MPB with Toninho Horta receiving in the set a constellation of musicians, with highlights to Milton Nascimento, Hugo Fattoruso, Airto Moreira, Nivaldo Ornellas, Wagner Tiso, Raul de Souza, Novelli, Boca Livre and many others. I will try to setup a sample track at Loronix Preview Center, but I think is not necessary, this is a flawless release. Tracks include:


Toninho Horta
(guitar, violao, bass, voice, organ, arrangements)
Milton Nascimento
Lena Horta
Hugo Fattoruso
(arp. odyssey, piano)
Airto Moreira
(drums, percussion)
Raul de Souza
George Fattoruso
Laudir de Oliveira
Robertinho Silva
Mauro Senise
Wagner Tiso
(piano, organ)
Jamil Joanes
Ze Eduardo Nazario
Boca Livre
Luiz Alves
Nivaldo Ornellas
(tenor, soprano sax)
Georgiana de Moraes
Ringo Thiellmann

Track List

01 – Céu de Brasília (Toninho Horta / Fernando Brant)
02 – Diana (Toninho Horta / Fernando Brant)
03 – Dona Olímpia (Toninho Horta / Ronaldo Bastos)
04 – Viver de Amor (Toninho Horta / Ronaldo Bastos)
05 – Pedra da Lua (Toninho Horta / Cacaso)
06 – Serenade (Toninho Horta / Ronaldo Bastos)
07 – Aquelas Coisas Todas (Sanguessuga) (Toninho Horta)
08 – Falso Inglês (Wonder Woman) (Toninho Horta / Fernando Brant)
09 – Terra dos Pássaros (Toninho Horta) Beijo Partido (Toninho Horta)
10 – No Carnaval (Jota / Caetano Veloso)


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2 responses

6 01 2013

Comentários originais:
Good Groove said…
Great record; one of the best records that came from Minas Gerais, along with… well, perhaps the whole of Milton Nascimento’s output from the beginning since late 70’s 🙂

Tuesday, 08 January, 2008
Anonymous said…
spectacular lineup – would love to listen in due course – thank you!!

Monday, 18 February, 2008
belsha said…
Thanks… This is amazing!!!!!

I always skeptical of Clube de Esquina members solo albums…. but this is really great, almost as great as a Biituca record! Actually, it sounds like what Pink Floyd would have sound like if they had musical talent…

I already fell in love with “Ceu de Brasilia” from Simone’s fantastic “Face a Face”, which I also discovered on this site (although I already had many tracks of that album from a compilation), and it’s awesome to hear such a different version!

Monday, 02 June, 2008

14 11 2015


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