Let’s Vote! | Choose the next Carnaval post!

2 02 2013

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Publicado em: Saturday, February 02, 2008 by zecalouro

resultstableHello, good evening! I’m surprised that our poll to select today’s Carnaval post did not deliver a winner after 24 hours running. Thanks for the 57 friends that so far engaged the process, but I think we will need an additional day. Bafo da Onca and Jamelao are tied up, both with 17 votes, while Carmem Miranda and Bando da Lua are coming closer with 14 votes and Odeon compilation is the last one with 9 votes.

I hope we have a winner tomorrow night, meanwhile, get the chance and VOTE. The choices are:

Bafo da Onça – O Grande Samba do Bafo da Onca (1965), the legendary Bloco Carnavalesco with a whole album released by Mocambo.
Sempre e Carnaval (1964), featuring several artists performing Marchinhas
Carmem Miranda & Bando da Lua – Ao Vivo (1975), featuring remastered live recordings of Carmem Miranda in the 50’s
Jamelao – Jamelao (1980), the legendary Samba interpreter from Mangueira

Let’s engage this poll, it will be really fun to see preferences on each country using the great poll server provided by the folks of Ask 500 People. Make your choice at the link bellow.

Let’s VOTE here!

Hope uEnjoy!

Obviamente,  a votação já se encerrou. 5 anos atrás.



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