Arrigo Barnabe e Banda Sabor de Veneno – Clara Crocodilo (1980)

26 02 2013

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contra capa

It is impossible to show this album without explaining the weird story behind it. The idea of making Arrigo Barnabe debut LP came from the last and first Arrigo Barnabe album at Loronix, Facanhas, kindly sent by Ad Hoc. I said to AdHoc that I had this album and it was only a matter of waiting a couple of days to make it.

When I decided to make it a couple of weeks ago, I did not find this album and I got really disappointed. Anyway, every Thursday, I receive my loyal assistance to make some housekeeping and other things. I decided to ask her for the album, the last hope and immediately, she guided me to a hidden place with several albums, including Clara Crocodilo. My Assitance has this mania, if something is scaring, she hides from the view of everybody. Now I’m happy to get back my LP. Just a final warning, get ready for an above the flow of scaring cover artworks. Let’s see.

This is Arrigo Barnabe e Banda Sabor de Veneno – Clara Crocodilo (1980), for Continental, presented here by the original first 1980 vinyl issue. I have special feelings about this album, which is not for beginners; Arrigo Barnabe approximates classical music, popular music with comics using dodecaphonic and atonal elements, delivering a unique output, something very different from the music we use to listen at Loronix. Tracks include:

Banda Sabor de Veneno

Regina Porto
(electric piano, piano, voice)
Bozo Barretti
(synthesizer, electric piano, piano, voice)
Paulo Barnabe
(drums, percussion, voice)
Gi Gibson
(guitar, chorus, voice)
Rogerio Benati
Otavio Fialho
(bass, voice)
Ronei Stella
Chico Guedes
(tenor sax, clarinet)
Baldo Versolatto
(alto sax, clarinet)
Mane Silveira
(soprano sax, flute)
Felix Wagner
(clarinet, contralto clarinet)
Suzana Salles
Vania Bastos
Arrigo Barnabe
(piano, synthesizer, percussion, narration, vocal)

Special Guests

Eliana Estavao
Gilberto Mifune
Marcelo Galberti
Mario Aydar
Tete Espindola
(voice, voice arrangements)

Track List

01 – Acapulco Drive-in (Paulo Barnabé / Otávio Fialho / Gilson Gibson / Arrigo Barnabé)
02 – Orgasmo Total (Arrigo Barnabé)
03 – Diversões Eletrônicas (Regina Porto / Arrigo Barnabé)
04 – Instante (Arrigo Barnabé)
05 – Sabor de Veneno (Arrigo Barnabé)
06 – Infortúnio (Arrigo Barnabé)
07 – Office-boy (Arrigo Barnabé)
08 – Clara Crocodilo (Mário Lúcio Cortes / Arrigo Barnabé)


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26 02 2013

Comentários originais:
Flabbergast said…
i was turned onto this record by a friend in Brazil… Honestly I am not sure how I feel about it. It reminded of some kind of cross between Frank Zappa, Eugene Chadbourne, and The Tubes… When I was actively listening to all of the above artists, I probably would have dug this album quite a bit… since I am more interested in other things these days, this record was a interesting, um, “curiosity.” I still think Loronixer’s should check this out, if only to remind oneself that Brazilian music is more than just samba, forro, tropicalia, etc..

With that sentiment — it might be cool to see some Brazilian post-punk here, like some records from Fellini? *There* is a band I’m still ‘actively’ interested in…

Saturday, 08 March, 2008
pastor said…
the story about the maid who hides anything that is scary had me cracking up. hilarious!

Monday, 10 March, 2008

27 02 2013
Vinicius de Mesquita

mais uma grande postagem!!!

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