Mauricio Einhorn – Me (1980)

28 02 2013

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I was postponing this post for several days, just because I did not feel capable to write something meaningful and appropriate to the importance of this artist to Brazilian music. This post is an update, perhaps one of the most important among many others that need improvements and best approach to our community. Maurício Einhorn is a true legend, one of the most original musicians on his instrument — the harmonica — and one of the most important Brazilian popular music composers for decades. Let’s see.

This is Mauricio Einhorn – ME (1980), for Clam/Continental, the debut LP of an artist that started professionally in the year of 1947, recorded for the first time in 1949 with an harmonica band, the Brazilian Rascals, had a composition recorded for the first time in 1960, Sambop (Mauricio Einhorn / Durval Ferreira), but could only release his first solo LP in 1980. Anyway, it is not necessary to say that you cannot miss this one, ME is an excellent album, featuring Mauricio Einhorn compositions and his outstanding harmonica playing backed by a constellation of Brazilian musicians. Tracks include:


Mauricio Einhorn
Nelson Ayres
Roberto Sion
(flute, alto and soprano sax)
Paulo Braga
(drums at 06, 09)
(drums at 07)
Marku Ribas
(drums, percussion, voice)
Sebastiao Tapajos

Track List

01 – Batida Diferente (A Different Beat) (Maurício Einhorn / Durval Ferreira)
02 – Sarro (Maurício Einhorn / Arnaldo Costa)
03 – Alvorada (Luis Fernando Freire / Maurício Einhorn / Arnaldo Costa)
04 – Estamos Aí (Maurício Einhorn / Durval Ferreira / Regina Werneck)
05 – Brinquedo (Toy) (Maurício Einhorn / José Schettini)
06 – Limbo (Theme From Ron Carter And Jim Hall) (Maurício Einhorn / Arnaldo Costa)
07 – Claus (Maurício Einhorn / Celso Loch)
08 – Tristeza de Nós Dois (Maurício Einhorn / Durval Ferreira / Bebeto)
09 – Sketch (Maurício Einhorn / José Schettini)
10 – Jóia (Joy) (Maurício Einhorn / Alberto Arantes)


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3 responses

28 02 2013

Comentários originais:
Acir Vidal said…
Extraordinária contribuição para os pesquisadores brasileiros. Parabéns.

Saturday, 09 September, 2006
Anonymous said…
As a composer, this guy’s as good as a musician. However, the composer has usually taken a back seat. It is a real pleasure to find an album featuring only his songs.

Tks, parrot.

Saturday, 09 September, 2006
skinnerg said…
I love this record. Thank you, Zeca, for this gem and the best web site on the internet. I watch every day for the next treat that you serve up.

B) in Destin.

Sunday, 10 September, 2006
Anonymous said…
Ter acesso a este verdadeiro tesouro em sua versão completa é realmente um privilégio.
Tento conseguir este lp há anos, sem sucesso.
Agora, para que a minha discoteca do Mauricio fique complesta, só falta conseguir “The Oscar Winners”, de 1975…

Parabéns e continue o seu excelente trabalho!

Danilo Blank
Porto Alegre

Sunday, 17 December, 2006
g picanco said…
Nunca esquecendo a presença do compositor maravilhoso que é Arnaldo Costa.

Monday, 10 March, 2008
Beto Kessel said…
Mais um daqueles discacos….ME ‘e um genio….

Tuesday, 11 March, 2008
Solomon said…
Thank you. I love Sarro!

Saturday, 27 September, 2008
timkl said…
What an extraordinary record, sounds like a mix between War and late Marcos Valle. Absolutely adorable.

Tuesday, 21 October, 2008

14 01 2015
emanuel castro

qualquer um pode fazer o upload de novo?

1 10 2017

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