Challenge | Who are they?

8 03 2013

Link original: Challenge | Who are they?
Publicado em: Tuesday, March 18, 2008 by zecalouro


Hello, good evening! Better start today with a challenge sent by a very good friend of mine showing a constellation of Brazilian musicians performing on a Jam Session in Copacabana in the year of 1955. Your mission is to identify who are the six musicians and also the last one, only having fun with the trombone, but an important character to Brazilian music in the 50’s. In spite of being well known musicians for Loronixers, this is a very difficult challenge.

Hope uEnjoy!

zecabadtimeI’m using this space just to let you know about the latest availability issues of Loronix complimentary applications and services. All my sites are down in the last 24 hours, which includes the ones that support Loronix and my customers’ websites and databases. I don’t have estimates of when they will be set to go again. In order to get things back at Loronix, I made a painful migration to a new server to restore some key applications to our community, they are: Loronix Find It, the new super deluxe impressive image covers and translation services.

In the other hand, Loronix Preview Center is no longer available; the migration is complex and involves major configuration changes and large amount of data to be transferred to the temporary server. Not affected or little affected by the downtime are downloads, CBox, blogrolling, Loronix Community Search, etc.

My apologies for this unplanned outage, I’m considering moving to a new hosting system that I can afford with the features I have on the current one, which is already contracted until December 31 2008.

Respect, zeca


Não consegui a imagem do desafio.





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8 03 2013

Comentários originais:
Anonymous said…
O último tocando trombone talvez que eu acerte: Jorginho Guinle? pelo menos, dizia-se, ele tinha a maior discoteca de jazz do Brasil.



Wednesday, 19 March, 2008
cvllos said…
Cipó (st), Manoel Araujo (tb), Jorginho (sa), Santos (tp), Jorge Guinle (de tb cover).

Wednesday, 19 March, 2008
cvllos said…
Zeca, qual é o resultado? Há premiados?

Monday, 07 April, 2008

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