Marisa com Moacyr Silva e Seu Conjunto – Convite a Musica (1958)

21 04 2013

Link original: Marisa com Moacyr Silva e Seu Conjunto – Convite a Musica (1958)
Publicado em: Friday, June 13, 2008 by zecalouro

Marisa Gata Mansa & Moacyr Silva - Convite a Musica

Hello, good evening! This was the third night that I try to make a fantastic contribution by Jorge Mello, and in the last minute I realize a missing information or a new detail that needs to be added and the plan is postponed to the next day. It is an important post featuring one of the artists that Jorge Mello most admires and everything should work with no mistakes. Anyway, I believe tomorrow is the big day.

Meanwhile, we will stay in good company with a mandatory update featuring an artist that certainly defines Loronix, Moacyr Silva, accompanying a singer appreciated by many friends, Marisa, on her debut LP for Copacabana label in 1958. Let’s see.

This is Marisa e Moacyr Silva e Seu Conjunto – Convite a Musica (1958), for Copacabana, Marisa debut LP, backed by Moacyr Silva e Seu Conjunto in all tracks. I said that Moacyr Silva defines Loronix for many reasons. Moacyr Silva is a gifted musician with a very important contribution to Brazilian music as producer of several albums. And since Loronix creation in 2006, I never had the chance to see one of Moacyr Silva career records available on CD. I would be very pleased to see Moacyr Silva reissued one day. Tracks include:


Moacyr Silva
(tenor sax)
Chaim Lewak
Maurilio Santos
Raul Gagliardi
Edmundo Maciel
Hanestaldo Americo

Track List

01 – You do Something To Me (Cole Porter) with MARISA
02 – Não Vou Pra Brasília (Billy Blanco) with MOACYR SILVA
03 – Leva Meu Samba (Ataulfo Alves) with MARISA
04 – Puladinho na Gafieira (Edmundo Maciel) with MOACYR SILVA
05 – Cry Me a Rider (Arthur Hamilton) with MARISA
06 – Recado de Olinda (Luis Bandeira) with MOACYR SILVA
07 – O Apito no Samba (Luis Bandeira) with MOACYR SILVA
08 – Ruega Por Nosotros (Ruben Fuentes / Alberto Cervantes) with MARISA
09 – Vogueando (Maurílio Santos) with MOACYR SILVA
10 – Que É Que É (Bororó / Evagrio Lopes) with MARISA
11 – Sugestivo (Moacyr Silva) with MOACYR SILVA
12 – Unbelievable (I. Gordon / Jay Livingston) with MARISA


Este disco pode ser buscado no Parallel Realities.




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21 04 2013

Comentários originais:
julioxo on Wednesday, 20 December, 2006
Obrigado zecalouro
Refer on Friday, 22 December, 2006
Só agora tive tempo para ouvir este disco encantador. Marisa é demais. Esse ‘Cry Me A River’ resiste fácil à comparação com o original de Julie London.
Annie D. on Friday, 13 June, 2008
Wonderful voice! Thanks for this great post!
Sharza Harza on Friday, 13 June, 2008
Thnks a lot!
Milan Filipovic on Friday, 13 June, 2008
When I see a repost of Marisa Gata Mansa I simply can not resist downoading it, even though I allready have that recording in my collection.
One of the most beautifull voices I have ever heard.
Anonymous on Saturday, 14 June, 2008
Deliciosa voz!

dubmusic on Sunday, 15 June, 2008
Great album. Liked it a lot. Amazing voice!

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