Luiz Bonfa – Luiz Bonfa’s Brazilian Guitar (1957)

16 05 2013

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Hello, good afternoon! Just a quick and extraordinary mid afternoon post to update this extraordinary album, kindly sent by Jorge Mello, which is Luiz Bonfa first album recorded for US audience in 1957, for Capitol. By the way, Capitol enthusiasm with Luiz Bonfa was so impressive that I decided to use Capitol liner notes to present this album to Loronixers. Capitol text worth a careful reading. Let’s see.This is Luiz Bonfa – Luiz Bonfa’s Brazilian Guitar (1957), for Capitol, featuring Luiz Bonfa in all tracks. Below, Capitol liner notes:

DOWN IN BRAZIL, Luiz Bonfa’ is regarded as a super-musician. Musicians who hear only his records, and haven’t seen him perform, charge him with “overdubbing” in the Les Paul manner to achieve the remarkable sounds for which he is so renowned. But Bonfa uses no mechanical tricks. His incredible technique is enough. Probably no guitarist in the world has Bonfa’s skill-speed-with the fingers. Segovia himself cannot match the fabulous Luiz for sheer technical virtuosity.

He started at 11, in Rio de Janeiro, where he was born October 17, 1922. At first Bonfa’s father taught Luiz. But the boy’s progress was rapid. Soon he was studying with Uruguay’s great classical master, Isaias Savio. Even Savio could take the young Luiz Bonfa’ no farther. And so Luiz, still in his teens, took to touring the various states of Brazil with his instrument. From each of the provinces he learned something of the people, and their cultures.

Back in Rio, Bonfa’s first records made an impact (not only in Brazil, but throughout South America) much as Les Paul did in 1950. But few listenes accepted the truth. “No man has technique so remarkable,” they argued. But Bonfa convinced all who came to see him perform, in a series of spectacular personal appearances in Rio, that his amazing dexterity and musicianship are legitimate.

Bonfa is aware of the great North American guitarists. George Van Eps, Barney Kessel, Tal Farlow and John Smith, he says, are his favorites, judged solely by their records. Luiz also is partial to the orchestras of Nelson Riddle, Les Baxter and George Shearing. He’s a fishing enthusiast and, eventually wants to live in California and perhaps teach young guitarists and make records.

This album was recorded in Rio in superb high fidelity, and Capitol is privileged to present the genius of Bonfa’ for the first time on records in North America.

Track List

01 – Batutacada (Luis Bonfá)
02 – Sambolero (Luis Bonfá)
03 – Monique (Luis Bonfá)
04 – Tenderly (J. Lawrence / W. Gross)
05 – Serenata (Antônio Rebello)
06 – Xangô (Luis Bonfá)
07 – Mamboleiro (Luis Bonfá)
08 – Cajita de Música (Isaias Sávio)
09 – Over The Rainbow (Harold Arlen / E. G. Harburg)
10 – Garoto (Luis Bonfá)
11 – Canção do Outono (Luis Bonfá)
12 – Calles de España (Luis Bonfá)

Este disco já havia sido publicado aqui no Órfãos do Loronix. É a versão americana do disco Alta Versatilidade, cuja capa vai abaixo:
Luiz Bonfá - Alta Versatilidade



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