The New and Improved Find It!

7 06 2013

Link original: The New and Improved Find It!
Publicado em: Friday, November 07, 2008 by zecalouro

Hello! I’m very happy to announce a major upgrade on Find It, Loronix albums search application. You will not believe on what you will see there. Find It is now multi language and brings three different search sections.

You can use this tab to search only for artists

This one to search for albums

and the new Visual Find It to search on everything with cover artwork results.

Here is a brief explanation of the new system.

This is the opening screen with the three choices described before, pick up one to gain access to the search engine.

The Artist search is very simple, featuring only a list of artists available at our discography. Attention to the first column, it is the place you will need to click to see the albums available for a given artist or group. For a quick examination, you can use the preview, receiving a sample of the albums available for an artist (up to ten albums).

The Albums search is very similar to the old version. You can search for an artist name, an album name, a release year, etc. The word Loronix is the link you should click to reach the album of your choice.

The Visual Find It the great new feature. You can search for everything to receive an output with Loronix albums covers, this is really great. The word Loronix is also a link to reach an album at Loronix.

Additionally, Find It is now speaking several languages and you can easily switch to your language using this selector.

You can also adjust the amount of results received using this control to select the number of records per page.

I hope Find It makes Loronix experience much easier to everybody. Please inform bugs and translation mistakes using the comment section of this post.

Click at the picture below or follow this new link to the new Find It!

And thanks for your continuous support to Loronix.

Kind Regards, zeca


Como todos sabem, o Find It! não funciona mais. Também não consegui as imagens que mostravam seu funcionamento.



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7 06 2013

Comentários originais:
g picanco on Friday, 07 November, 2008
Excelente upgrade!
O Find It ficou gostoso de ser navegado.
Ainda veio com um tutorial bem organizado, um visual agradável.

Meus parabéns, zecalouro.
Próximo passo: incrementar o Quadradinho.
Colm O’Sullivan “Red” on Saturday, 08 November, 2008
Now this is GREAT, Zecalouro, really, really GREAT!
“Find It” was always my favourite feature at Loronix, but what I see here now is just absolutley marvellous.
I also marvel at the amount of work you must have done to create it – with all the album covers and all. Demais!!!!!!!!!!!!
RED (Ireland).
Anonymous on Monday, 10 November, 2008
Gracias Zeca.Nina

8 10 2015
Deron Adams

haha Not any more – the link hijacks one to some advertisement – shameful!

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