Sivuca – Live at the Village Gate (1973)

15 06 2013

Link original: Sivuca – Live at the Village Gate (1973)
Publicado em: Saturday, December 06, 2008 by zecalouro


Hello, good evening! Wish I have much more energy tonight, because this is a special night and this is a really special post. This is the first of a probably endless series of album that will come to Loronix through a donation. Yes, I said a donation, and not a standard donation, but a complete collection, perhaps more than 700 records, spanning decades of Brazilian popular music.

The one responsible for this fantastic donation is a great friend. We have been together on on-line adventures since the 1980’s decade, a time that Internet was such like a dream and we had a lot of fun with BBSs. By the way, this friend reminds me CentroIn, which was really the best BBS in Rio de Janeiro (this is an easy hint to discover who is zeca!).

I said I’m tired and I’m really exhausted today. It is better and prudent to announce who made this donation later. By now, let’s stay with this suspense atmosphere and this great album never released before at Loronix and hard to believe that has gone out of print. Let’s see.

This is Sivuca – Live at the Village Gate (1973), for Vanguard, made available here with the Brazilian Copacabana issue. I would like to wait a couple of days to release this album in December 15th as a tribute to Sivuca’s passing in 2006, but I could not resist. This album was a missing piece in my collection and, of course, a missing piece at Loronix. Live at Village Gate was recorded at the homonymous Village Gate, a nightclub in New York City, and features Sivuca on his peak, backed by American musicians. I would like to send my best vibrations and wish a nice weekend to everybody. Tracks include:


(vocals, violao, accordion, piano, percussion)

Cindy Kimball
(voice, percussion)
Morris Goldberg
Mervin Bronson
Angel Allende
Sadiq Shabazz

Track List

01 – Adeus Maria Fulô (Sivuca / Humberto Teixeira)
02 – Berimbau (Baden Powell / Vinicius de Moraes)
03 – It Might Have Been (Sivuca / D. Speropoles)
04 – Rancho Fundo (Ary Barroso)
05 – Ain’t no Sunshine (B. Withers)
06 – Marina (Dorival Caymmi)
07 – Coisa Nº 10 (Moacir Santos)
08 – Batucada (Sivuca)


Este disco pode ser buscado no Um que Tenha.




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15 06 2013

Comentários originais:
Anonymous on Saturday, 06 December, 2008
Maravilhoso, Fantastik!
700 records, discos, LPs?
Um abraço forte pra o donator!
Como se dise em françes: “J’en ai l’eau à la bouche!” (Tenho agua na boca!).
Seu blog é realmente a prefeita ilustração da letra do Vinicius “A vida é o arte do encontro”
swingbossa on Saturday, 06 December, 2008
Muito obrigado, Zeca and Mystery Donor! I’ve only listened to this once, but this is already one of my favorite Sivuca albums, and one of my favorite albums ever. The version of “No Rancho Fundo” is my favorite track; it encapsulates everything that Sivuca was, I think.

I’m really looking foward to some of the rest of the 700 albums! Wow, what a great service.
Hanimex 3000 on Sunday, 07 December, 2008
I thought it was released in 1975 as a follow-up to his studio album (on Vanguard too) ? Please let us know.
It’s a sheer pleasure to lost time on your blog.
NewB. & EyeB.
senor pocopico on Monday, 15 December, 2008
at lest sivuca!!! great player great feeling! thanx for everything, greetings from Athens,Greece
Joe on Saturday, 02 May, 2009
I was at The Top of The Gate when Sivuca was being recorded. I don’t know if this is the same set. For those who don’t know, the Village Gate was downstairs. I remember that his singer went by the name Sylvi, not Cindy so I don’t know if this is exactly the same band. Regardless, it’s was a marvelous show and Sivuca was at his peak.
He was concerned about the cost of the band and the difficulty of putting it on tour. Promotion by the record company was not very agressive. I wondered if it ever came out. Now, 36 years later, I get to hear it again.
Joe on Saturday, 02 May, 2009
I was in the audience when Sivuca was recorded at The Top of The Gate in 1973. I don’t know if these are the result. Were they recorded at The Top of The Gate or downstairs at The Village Gate? I remember his singer went by the single name Sylvi, not Cindy. Sivuca was at the top of his form and the band was excellent. He wanted to take this group on the road but record company promotion was lax and the expense of this particular set of musicians was high for a road tour.
I think the album release was delayed, there was no tour and no promotion.
I’m glad to know it wasn’t lost and I can listen to it now 36 years late.
zecalouro on Wednesday, 06 May, 2009
Hello Joe,

Thanks for this information.

We miss Sivuca.

Kind regards,


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