Novo Parallel Realities

31 07 2013


Já está funcionando o novo blog do Milan, só com postagens novas. O endereço é .  As postagens antigas continuam em .


29 07 2013


Outra péssima notícia.

Mais um excelente blog, agora o Abracadabra, foi fechado pelo Google. Segundo a Bruxa do Vinil, os motivos alegados foram “denúncia e incompatibilidade com os termos de adesão”.  Quando isto vai parar? Quando todos os blogs musicais de qualidade estiverem fechados?

Felizmente a nossa amiga Bruxa é uma guerreira, e me disse que deve refazer o blog em outro endereço. Vamos ficar torcendo para que isto aconteça em breve.

Doces Barbaros – Doces Barbaros (1976)

28 07 2013

Link original: Doces Barbaros – Doces Barbaros (1976)
Publicado em: Tuesday, February 10, 2009 by zecalouro

Doces Bárbaros, Caetano Veloso, Gal Costa, Gilberto Gil & Maria Bethânia - Doces Bárbaros

I have a nice connection with this album and I’m glad it is back to Loronix again. The first time it was made available, it lasts less than 24 hours. I made it by mistake, a few copies were already being sold by an on-line store and now it has gone definitively out of print, which is a shame, this is a classic. As I said, this album was important for my background as an amateur musician and also to drag my attention to Brazilian music and the four giants that share the role of main performer, the tropicalia legends Caetano Veloso, Gilberto Gil and Gal Costa and Caetano’s sister Maria Bethania. Let’s see.

This is Doces Barbaros – Doces Barbaros (1976), for Philips, according with many reviews I read today, this is one of the nicest Brazilian popular music albums recorded in the 70’s. The group and the concert were assembled to celebrate 10 years of their artistic career. I also learn something that I did not know today, a DVD was released with original footage of these concerts as a documentary featuring backstage scenes and live performances. Meanwhile, let’s stay with this double album, in the spirit of Carmen Miranda Centennial. Tracks include:

Caetano Veloso, Gilberto Gil, Gal Costa & Maria Bethania


Arnaldo Brandao
Chiquinho Azevedo
Djalma Correa
Mauro Senise
Perinho Santana
Tomas Improta
Tuze de Abreu

Track List

01 – Os Mais Doces Bárbaros (Caetano Veloso)
02 – Fé Cega Faca Amolada (Milton Nascimento / Ronaldo Bastos)
03 – Atiraste Uma Pedra (Herivelto Martins / David Nasser)
04 – Pássaro Proibido (Caetano Veloso / Maria Bethânia)
05 – Chuckberry Fields Forever (Gilberto Gil)
06 – Genesis (Caetano Veloso)
07 – Tarasca Guidon (Waly Salomão)
08 – Eu e Ela Estávamos Ali Encostados na Parede (Gilberto Gil)
09 – Esotérico (Gilberto Gil)
10 – Eu Te Amo (Caetano Veloso)
11 – O Seu Amor (Gilberto Gil)
12 – Quando (Gal Costa / Caetano Veloso / Gilberto Gil)
13 – Pé Quente Cabeça Fria (Gilberto Gil)
14 – Peixe (Caetano Veloso)
15 – Um Índio (Caetano Veloso)
16 – São João Xangô Menino (Gilberto Gil / Caetano Veloso)
17 – Nós Por Exemplo (Gilberto Gil)
18 – Os Mais Doces Bárbaros (Caetano Veloso)


Este disco pode ser buscado no 300 Discos.

Carmen Miranda | 100 Anos

28 07 2013

Link original: Carmen Miranda | 100 Anos 
Publicado em: Tuesday, February 10, 2009 by zecalouro


Hello, good evening! Brazil celebrates Carmen Miranda 100th Centennial today. She was born in 9 February 1909. I’m disappointed for not having any album with her unique music to make a tribute. However, it is essential that Loronix makes this tribute.

I like this picture with Carmen Miranda without all that tropical clothes and I hope you also like it. In addition, I’m making available two videos that are really worth checking out. The first video features Carmen Miranda hosted by Ed Wynn in 1949, United States. She has the accompaniment of the legendary O Bando da Lua, and you can notice the presence of Aloysio de Oliveira among O Bando da Lua members. Thanks to Doni Sacramento for this important document.

The second features the last known Carmen Miranda images and impressive scenes of her funeral in Rio de Janeiro, 1955. Thanks to In Memorian website for sharing this film.

I hope our tribute to Carmen Miranda is respectful and appropriate to the importance of this great artist.

Hope uEnjoy!


Parallel Realities

25 07 2013


Todos os amantes da boa música brasileira devem ter se surpreendido ao tentar acessar hoje o blog Parallel Realities.  A mensagem é de que o blog foi removido pelo Google.

O Milan, proprietário do blog, me disse que, além do Parallel Realities, também foram removidos os dois outros blogs que ele tinha, dedicados à cantora Waleska. Até a sua conta no Google foi apagada.

Felizmente, o Milan mantém um espelho do blog no WordPress, onde os links para os discos continuam funcionando:
Ele ainda está tentando entender o que aconteceu e por que o blog foi removido. Não recebeu nenhuma comunicação do Google indicando o motivo e está tentando um contato com a empresa.
É difícil de entender as razões da remoção, uma vez que o blog publica discos muito antigos, dos quais quase ninguém sabia da existência, prestando um serviço fundamental de resgate para a nossa cultura.  Os blogs da Waleska, que também foram removidos, são, inclusive, publicados com o apoio da Waleska e da Lilian Marques, sua produtora.
Enfim, estamos todos torcendo para que a situação se resolva e que o Parallel Realities continue nos brindando com a música que não conseguiriamos acesso se não fosse por trabalhos como o do Milan.

Dilermando Reis – Gotas de Lagrimas (1963)

24 07 2013

Link original: Dilermando Reis – Gotas de Lagrimas (1963)
Publicado em: Sunday, February 08, 2009 by zecalouro


Hello, good evening! When I started this transfer tonight, I realized that I could not get away from the turntable hearing the opening track 01 – Gotas de Lagrimas, which is also the title track, a beautiful waltz, and perhaps a complex and challenging piece to any guitar player, absolutely unknown to me. Later, a few Google searches were enough to understand that Mozart Bicalho (Gotas de Lagrimas composer) is another Brazilian guitar master, compared to big names such like Joao Pernambuco and Canhoto. I will tell you a little bit more about this piece. Let’s see.

This is Dilermando Reis – Gotas de Lagrimas (1963), for Continental, another worth checking Dilermando Reis LP, featuring his own compositions and renditions of well-known instrumental tunes. Gotas de Lagrimas was recorded for the first time by Mozart Bicalho in 1930, having its first transcription in the early 1960’s by Dilermando Reis, who made a very important work of publishing in written music many tunes that are considered today a very important part of Brazilian guitar tradition. As a whole, Gotas de Lagrimas is a delicious album, tailored for musicians and people who just want to appreciate beautiful tunes played by a really gifted musician. Tracks include:

01 – Gotas de Lágrimas (Mozart Bicalho)
02 – Brejeiro (Ernesto Nazareth)
03 – Volve Volve (Carola)
04 – La Cumparsita (Matos Rodrigues)
05 – Rapsódia Infantil (Dilermando Reis)
06 – Nossa Ternura (Dilermando Reis)
07 – Cateretê Mineiro (Levino Conceição)
08 – Cisne Branco (Antônio Manoel do Espírito Santo / Benedito Xavier de Macedo)
09 – Eterna Saudade (Dilermando Reis)
10 – Interrogando (João Pernambuco)
11 – Gauchinha (Dilermando Reis)
12 – Suspiro da Nega (Nelson Piló)


Este disco pode ser buscado no Vita con Gusto.

Guilherme Vergueiro – Guilherme Vergueiro Ao Vivo (1982)

24 07 2013

Link original: Guilherme Vergueiro – Guilherme Vergueiro Ao Vivo (1982)
Publicado em: Saturday, February 07, 2009 by zecalouro


Hello, good evening! I was dedicated on this writing during the last 3 hours. I made different versions using some ideas and approaches and I could not reach the results I was looking for. Now my eyes hurt, and if you have diabetes, you cannot play with your eyes. However, I cannot wait another 24 hours. I decided to write it from scratch, it is a very important post. This fantastic musician is being introduced to Loronix’s community for the first time tonight. And he is also, how can I say… a “true” Loronixer, a challenge winner that you already known using the gorgeous nickname of Pianista Sambista. Guilherme Vergueiro. Let’s see.

This is Guilherme Vergueiro – Guilherme Vergueiro Ao Vivo (1982), for Estudio Eldorado, recorded live at “International Jazz Montmartre”, Copenhagen, Denmark. It is hard to believe that I had the chance to hear this album for the first time only this week. This is really fantastic music played with passion by this quartet. I urge Loronix’s community to take Ao Vivo for a hearing and also visit Guilherme Vergueiro official website at and the Pianista Sambista’s blog at This album never had a CD reissue and I put a lot of energy on this transfer. Thanks Guilherme Vergueiro for the music, the respect you have to your public, the happiness and the energy. I’m making available Guilherme Vergueiro’s own biography taken from his official website. Tracks include:

I am a Brazilian who sees music as a work of art. I had all the classical training, but decided to get into the popular genre, because I have always been a deluded by Samba, Samba Canção (Brazilian ballad), Choro, Seresta and Bossa Nova. And I always been that way and behave this way since the beginning of my career in the late 60s.

Each song that I play, each performance, each recording has to be definitive. As an art we have in the living room wall throughout our lives. I like to interpret in my way and style, Brazilian music, translating the melodies, harmonies and Brazilian rhythms into the human feelings, the feelings of the Brazilian people, and for being like this I am very demanding with myself. I feel a huge responsibility every time I play the piano. Also I do not like to ever repeat myself. If I have to play the same song a myriad of times, each time has to be different, according to the day, time, era, the audience and especially my state of mind. Each day is a day, every hour is an hour. I have always to be open to what I’m feeling at the moment, open to new ideas that emerge in the middle of an interpretation, of an improvisation. I have no restrictions when I play the piano. I relate to it, we became one. My heart is the boss. Sends what I am feeling to my brain which in return sends the messages to my fingers. All of this in milliseconds. You should be very concentrated, otherwise the boat sinks. I just love the challenge, the emotion, the freedom that comes playing like that. Some pianists play with the fingers, I play with the heart.

I have infinite respect for the audience that is listening to me. My wish is to perpetuate in their hearts feelings, feelings that never will leave them. Sadness, joy, tension, density, lightness, rebellion, always truthful and sincere feelings, identifiable with the feelings and life of each. After all, every human being is equal, we all have our tragedies, struggles, loves, passions, adventures and misadventures, problems, joys, sorrows, happiness, certainty and uncertainty, insecurity and security and when we go to a concert, show, or listen to some music at home, in the car, we are actually looking for some form of relief and/or comfort to our souls, and sometimes I am the one who take responsibility for bring this relief and/or comfort to people. I feel a huge responsibility. I dive into the bottom of my soul to find the most pure and sincere sentiments so the public can leave a little of the harsh reality of life behind, and go to other dimensions, other spheres, more calm and benevolent, where love prevails, where the union really is the force, where there is peace, tranquility and serenity. I always hope for that all my appearances and/or recordings stay for ever in the heart and soul of the people. I am very careful with this, but I confess that I feel I’m still learning. That music is infinite and that learning ends only when God calls us for other missions.

But since I’m still here, (and hopefully stay for a long time), I still am always eager for the improvement of my mission here, which is to be a musician. A Brazilian musician. A Pianist. Be more patient, dedicated, conscientious and increasingly concentrated.

I pray to God to never forget me, (as He never forgot), that my inspiration and my love for others are increasingly in accordance with His teachings and that I can accomplish the task that was given to me always with more balance, wisdom, concentration, strength, responsibility, joy and much love, whether playing, composing, arranging, producing or making a documentary. (My new passion.)

In my life I already, experienced much love, joy, excitement, difficulties, betrayal, losses … but I survived. I did much good, I made many friends, (Maybe I have some enemies, but either I do not know them or I do not know that is an enemy) but I also sinned. A whole lot of sins. I had many false friends. Many women left me. But the music and the piano never. Neither the real friends. Thank God!” (Guilherme Vergueiro)



Guilherme Vergueiro
(piano, arrangements)
Mads Vinding
Nicolai Gromin

Track List

01 – Choro Bop (Guilherme Vergueiro)
02 – Cabeca Dura (Guilherme Vergueiro)
03 – Saudades de Voce (Guilherme Vergueiro)
04 – Viva (Guilherme Vergueiro)


Não tinha esse disco. Porém, graças ao amigo Andreas ele pode ser buscado provisoriamente na forma de um magnet link. OBS : não se esqueça de deixar semeando  depois que você terminar de baixar (uma boa razão seria pelo menos 2 vezes o que você baixar!)