Olivia Byington – Corra o Risco (1978)

25 10 2011

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I’m probably taking all Loronix friends by surprise with this release. Olivia Byington was never mentioned or requested before. So, get yourself ready for the debut LP of Olivia Byington – Corra o Risco (1978), for Continental.

Olivia is also well-know by the fans of the amazing Brazilian progressive rock scene from the 70’s due her vocal participations with the band A Barca do Sol that revealed the renowned musician Jacques Morelenbaum. Corra o Risco is considered by some reviewers as one of a A Barca do Sol releases. This record has also the participation of John Neschling on track 10.

Corra o Risco is a self explanatory LP, an always nice Brazilian singer debut, accompanied by the symphonic progressive rock of a legendary band. This LP was first available at Acesso Raro and this material is probably from that first release. Thanks Acesso Raro, you are out of the business but still lives on our minds. Tracks include, sorry, do not miss AMG bio bellow:

Olívia Byington is a praised and awarded Brazilian singer who has worked with such artists as Tom Jobim, Silvio Rodriguez, Djavan, Clara Sverner, Wagner Tiso, Chico Buarque, Turíbio Santos, Radamés Gnattali, João Carlos Assis Brasil, Paulo Moura, and Egberto Gismonti. Her expressive discography includes A Dama do Encantado, where she sings the repertory of Aracy de Ameida, one of the best interpreters of Noel Rosa’s creations. She studied piano, violin, and classical guitar in her childhood. In 1977 she formed the group Antena Coletiva with Jacques Morelenbaum. She recorded her first album in the next year, Corra O Risco (Continental). In 1979, Byington was appointed the best vocalist of the ’70s by critics. She became well known by performing alongside A Barca do Sol; later she wasinvited to work with Tom Jobim, Wagner Tiso, Chico Buarque, Turíbio Santos, Radamés Gnattali, João Carlos Assis Brasil, Paulo Moura, and Egberto Gismonti. In 1981 she was invited to perform in Cuba by Chico Buarque. Byington recorded her third album (Identidad) on the isle the next year, invited by Silvio Rodriguez. In 1983 she recorded the soundtrack for the film Para Viver um Grande Amor with Djavan and Tom Jobim. In the next year, together with Paulo Moura, Clara Sverner, and Turíbio Santos, she recorded Encontro (Kuarup), winning the Chiquinha Gonzaga trophy. In 1990 she toured Brazil together with João Carlos Assis Brasil. Byington continued to perform and record regularly in solo or in meetings with renowned artists, touring Portugal and Italy in 1995.

01 – Fantasma da Opera (Murí Costa / Geraldo Carneiro)
02 – Lady Jane (Nando Carneiro / Geraldo Carneiro)
03 – Corra o Risco (Olivia Byington / Geraldo Carneiro)
04 – Jardim de Infância (Beto Resende / Nando Carneiro / Geraldo Carneiro)
05 – Banda dos Corações Solitários (Nando Carneiro / Geraldo Carneiro)
06 – Cavalo Marinho (Nando Carneiro / Cacaso)
07 – Lobo do Mar (Jacques Morelenbaum / João Carlos Pádua)
08 – Água e Vinho (Egberto Gismonti / Geraldo Carneiro)
09 – Brilho da Noite (Nando Carneiro / Geraldo Carneiro)
10 – Minha Pena Minha Dor (John Neschling / Geraldo Carneiro)
11 – Luz do Tango (Astor Piazzolla / Geraldo Carneiro)


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