Altemar Dutra – El Trovador (1967) issued in Argentina

20 10 2011

Link na Internet Wayback Machine: Altemar Dutra – El Trovador (1967) issued in Argentina
Publicado em: SUNDAY, OCTOBER 22, 2006

This post is a response to a big coincidence happened today. I spoke with a friend this afternoon about the cover artwork of Brazilian records released outside Brazil. These covers are different from Brazilian releases and widely unknown.

An hour later, a new Loronixer, Caetano Rodrigues, one of the greatest Brazilian music researchers and enthusiasts, announced at Cbox the production of a new website dedicated to LP covers of Brazilian records released outside Brazil. Caetano, thanks for making this announcement, it will be really wonderful to have a website produced by you with this kind of content. Thanks a lot.zecalouro wants to celebrate this great announcement with style. This is Altemar Dutra – El Trovador (1967), released in Argentina and sent to zecalouro by Pablo Augusto. Thanks Pablo.Altemar Dutra is a Brazilian singer that made a great success in Brazil, LA and United States as an interpreter of romantic songs. It seems to me that the romantic singers Pablo’s favorites, since his last contribution, Silvio Caldas, is an artist that can be associated with Altemar Dutra. This time, a little bit different, tracks are included on a picture below.

From Argentina, Altemar Dutra – El Trovador (1967), at Loronix.
Não tinha este disco. Porém graças à cooperação do amigo Andreas e do Fulano Sicrano, ele hoje está disponível no Um que Tenha.