Antonio Adolfo & Grupo No em Pingo D’Agua – Joao Pernambuco | 100 Anos (1983)

29 05 2013

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Antonio Adolfo, Nó Em Pingo D'água & João Pernambuco

Hello, good evening! This is a very important post that brings to Loronix a musician that I never had the chance to speak about. It is also important to say we are only getting in touch with this musician with the help of Jorge Mello that kindly made available this album to Loronix, directly from his amazing collection. I have been wondering today how many friends from Loronix community had the chance to know the works of Joao Pernambuco, considered by many one of the fathers, if not the father of the Brazilian violao.

Joao Pernambuco was born in 1883 and his work as an instrumentalist is only available by 78 RPMs recorded in the 1920’s decade. But his legacy and his contribution to Brazilian music remain n strong influence throughout a century, shaping the works of musicians such like Jacob do Bandolim, Meira, Baden Powell, Mauricio Carrilho, Raphael Rabello, among many others.


This photo taken in 1913 at the city of Petropolis, Rio de Janeiro featuring Donga, a non identified musician, Joao Pernambuco and Pixinguinha comes from an awesome website that I had the chance to know today with the help of Jorge Mello and this fantastic contribution. I would like to invite you to spend a time at, a tribute to Joao Pernambuco, owned and maintained by the Italian musician Angelo Zaniol, a work of passion for Joao Pernambuco and the music from Brazil. There you will find Joao Pernambuco pictures, discography and Angelo Zaniol arrangements for Joao Pernambuco music, among many other things. Thanks Jorge Mello and thanks also Angelo Zaniol for your beautiful tribute.

This is Antonio Adolfo & Grupo No em Pingo D’Agua – Joao Pernambuco | 100 Anos (1983), for Funarte, a tribute to Joao Pernambuco Centennial, a very nice session with the piano of Antonio Adolfo and the Choro Group No em Pingo D’Agua, featuring twelve selected tracks taken from Joao Pernambuco compositions. This album is self explanatory and you have a lot of things to discover today with Angelo Zaniol website and Joao Pernambuco music. Have a nice weekend. Tracks include:


Antonio Adolfo

Grupo No em Pingo D’Agua

Mário Seve
Pedro Amorim
Rogerio Souza
Jorge Simas
(violão 7 Cordas)
Wanderson Martins
Marcio Gomes

Track List

01 – Interrogando (João Pernambuco)
02 – Mimoso (João Pernambuco)
03 – Sonho de Magia (João Pernambuco)
04 – Graúna (João Pernambuco)
05 – Choro Em Sol (João Pernambuco)
06 – Sentindo (João Pernambuco)
07 – Rosa Carioca (João Pernambuco)
08 – Brasileirinho (João Pernambuco)
09 – Dengoso (João Pernambuco)
10 – Valsa Em Lá (João Pernambuco)
11 – Sons de Carrilhões (João Pernambuco)
12 – A Estrada do Sertão (João Pernambuco)


Este disco podia ser buscado no Um que Tenha. A capa lá apresentada é a da coleção “Acervo Funarte”. Ela segue abaixo.

Antonio Adolfo, Nó Em Pingo D'água & João Pernambuco - Acervo Funarte Da Música Brasileira - 11 - João Pernambuco

Antonio Adolfo – Cristalino (1989)

8 05 2012

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I said yesterday that Raul de Souza music needs to appear more often at Loronix, today I’m starting in the same spirit, showing an album of a very important artist to the music from Brazil and his first album at Loronix, at least the first solo LP, since Antonio Adolfo has several albums as member of groups and arranger on several renowned artists albums.

This is Antonio Adolfo – Cristalino (1989), for Som Livre. Cristalino is an acclaimed album that received Premio Sharp in Brazil and several enthusiastic reviews on websites and specialized magazines. It is a groovy instrumental album with Antonio Adolfo visiting several different genres, samba, choro, funk, bossa nova, among others. The supporting musicians are all excellent.

Antonio Adolfo has also a major role on creating alternative distribution channels in Brazil, mainly through his own independent Artezanal label, being also important for create new interest to important and almost forgotten Brazilian composers such as: Chiquinha Gonzaga, Joao Pernambuco, among others. Tracks include:


Antonio Adolfo
(keyboards, computer)
Paulinho Braga
Nelson Faria
Ze Carlos
Mauro Senise
Teo Lima
(violao 7 cordas)

Track List

01 – Agitadinho (Antônio Adolfo)
02 – Trem da Serra (Antônio Adolfo)
03 – Floresta (Antônio Adolfo)
04 – Bom Dia (Antônio Adolfo)
05 – Cristalina (Antônio Adolfo)
06 – 1999 (Antônio Adolfo)
07 – Cromático (Antônio Adolfo)
08 – Balada (Antônio Adolfo)
09 – J P Saudações (Homenagem à João Pernambuco) (Antônio Adolfo)
10 – Sá Marina (Antônio Adolfo / Tibério Gaspar)

This is Antonio Adolfo – Cristalino (1989), at Loronix.  Hope uEnjoy!

Este disco pode ser buscado no Um que Tenha.