Carlos Barbosa Lima – Concerto de Violao (1959)

26 04 2013

Link original: Carlos Barbosa Lima – Concerto de Violao (1959)
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Antonio Carlos Barbosa Lima - Concerto De Violão

Antonio Carlos Barbosa Lima - Concerto De Violão_2

Hello, good evening! I had a really busy day today. I worked without interruption throughout the day in meetings away from home and made a lot of things in my modest home office. It is interesting how things change over a single day. I had very difficult moments where I thought everything was lost. But from the beginning of the night, things changed for better and I can say I had a great day as a whole.

I arrived at home exhausted, spoke a bit with the zecalouro and listen with him this album recorded by Antonio Carlos Barbosa Lima, better known as Carlos Barbosa Lima, another privileged Brazilian violao player. Carlos Barbosa Lima began his studies at 7 years of age and formal education with the Uruguayan master Isaias Savio. He recorded his first album with only 12 years old, already available here at Loronix. This is the third album recorded by Carlos Barbosa Lima, with 15, another fine release sponsored by Jorge Mello. Let’s see.

This is Antonio Calos Barbosa Lima – Concerto de Violao (1959), for Chantecler. Despite having only 15 years old, Concerto de Violao is a classic guitar album recorded by a veteran. Carlos Barbosa Lima became a respected musician, making a transparent connection between classical and popular, spreading the works of important Brazilian musicians, such like Joao Pernambuco, Francisco Mignone, Catullo, Antonio Carlos Jobim, and many others. I hope this album brings much peace, as brought to me. Tracks include:

01 – Suite em Re Menor “Preludio, Allemande, Courante, Sarabande, Gavotte Menuet 1 y 2, Borree Giga” (Robert de Visee)
02 – Gavota (da suite Nr. 6 para violaocello) J. Sebastian Bach – version Carlos Barbosa Lima
03 – Preludio Nr. 1 da Serie “Suite a Antiga” (G. Santorsola)
04 – Dolor (Preludio Vasco) Padre San Sebastian
05 – Sevilla (I. Albeniz) version Llobet
06 – Valsa Venezuelana (A. Lauro)
07 – Valsa Choro (Camargo Guarnieri)
08 – Estudo Nr. 7 (Villa Lobos)
09 – Brasiliana Nr. 4 (Theodoro Nogueira)
10 – Sonha Yaya (Isaias Savio)


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Antonio Carlos Barbosa Lima – Dez Dedos Magicos num Violao de Ouro (1957)

17 02 2012

Link original: Antonio Carlos Barbosa Lima – Dez Dedos Magicos num Violao de Ouro (1957)
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Hello, Good Evening! Life has been really busy down here. You cannot realize how. Anyway, it is for overall benefit for our community and part of Loronix one-year anniversary celebration. Stay tuned tomorrow, something will happen, Caetano’s ideia. I’m one hundred percent sure that everybody will be amazed.

Let’s start the day with a truly rare release. Actually, if Loronixers engineers do not run out of schedule, we will have another rare and breathtaking album today, you should not miss.

This is Antonio Carlos Barbosa Lima – Dez Dedos Magicos num Violao de Ouro (1957), for Chantecler, the debut album of the renowned Brazilian guitarist Carlos Barbosa Lima, recorded in 1957 when he was only 14 years old. This should be really fascinating for musicians, guitarists and fans of Carlos Barbosa Lima, which is a brilliant acoustic guitar player that has even invented techniques that no other guitarist had even tried before.

We should thank ClaudiaB from Cantos e Encantos website that kindly provided this really rare album to Loronixers. Tracks include:

01 – Bach – Fuga
02 – Mendelssohn – Canconeta – Opus12
03 – Rameau – Minueto
04 – Chopin – Noturno – Opus 9 Nr. 2
05 – Sarabanda e Giga
06 – Isaias Savio – Batucada (cenas Brasileiras)
07 – Villa Lobos – Preludio Nr. 1
08 – Tarrega – Caixinha de Musica
09 – Isaias Savio – Impressoes de Rua
10 – Agostin Barrios – As Abelhas – Estudos
11 – Isaias Savio – Agogo (cenas Brasileiras)
12 – Tedesco – Vivo y Energetico


Este disco pode ser buscado no Um que Tenha.