Apolo 11 – Apolo 11 (1969)

6 07 2012

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Publicado em: Friday, August 17, 2007 by zecalouro

Hello, Good Evening! Let’s start the day with a great contribution by Marcelo Munhoz, the mighty leader of Sambasonics and one of the well-known musicians we have at Loronix. Marcelo Munhoz delivers to us an album that I have been tracking down for months, a very hard to find record released by the tiny Northeast label JS Discos. This should make the day of several friends. Let’s see.

This is Apolo 11 – Apolo 11 (1969), for JS Discos, featuring Maria Creuza, Antonio Carlos Marques, the same Antonio Carlos from Antonio Carlos e Jocafi duo and Tuti Moreno. Really nice find sponsored by Marcelo Munhoz, the last time I saw this album was in Sao Paulo for an impossible to afford price. Let’s feedback this most wanted release by several Loronixers. Tracks include:


Antonio Carlos Marques
Maria Creuza
Tuti Moreno

Track List

01 – Apolo 11 (Antônio Carlos Marques / Ildásio Tavares / Berimbau)
02 – Se Não Houvesse Maria (Antônio Carlos Marques)
03 – Moderninha (Antônio Carlos Marques)
04 – Bloco da Quarta-feira (Antônio Carlos Marques)
05 – Meu Mundo É Você (Antônio Carlos Marques)
06 – Andarilho (Antônio Carlos Marques)
07 – Fim de Semana Lunar (Antônio Carlos Marques / Ildásio Tavares)
08 – Restos de Luar (Antônio Carlos Marques / Ildásio Tavares)
09 – Meu Frevo (Antônio Carlos Marques)
10 – A Rosa e a Paz (Antônio Carlos Marques)
11 – De Esperar (Antônio Carlos Marques)
12 – Você e Eu (Antônio Carlos Marques / Ildásio Tavares)


Esse disco pode ser buscado no Música na Veia.