Luiz Eca & Bill Evans – Ao Vivo no Chiko’s Bar (1980) K7 Tape

29 05 2012

Link original: Luiz Eca & Bill Evans – Ao Vivo no Chiko’s Bar (1980) K7 Tape
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Finally arrived. It is everything I was wondering to be. You don’t need to clean your glasses or check if your monitor is having problems, what you read is what you will hear, Luiz Eca and Bill Evans performing together at Chiko’s Bar, Rio de Janeiro, 1980.

This is Luiz Eca & Bill Evans – Ao Vivo no Chiko’s Bar (1980), for Loronix. I never heard about Bill Evans in Brazil and I have to say many thanks to JustBeto for making his K-7 tape available and Luiz Harding for the excellent remastering to digital format. The tape features an hour of music, including the guest appearance of Leny Andrade, singing Wave and some other nice things, such as Luiz Eca and Bill Evans talking to each other and some Eca improvisations using the acute keys of the piano.

JustBeto said to do not separate tracks to provide the full experience, but I decided to split the concert in 14 tracks with the whole concert. Applauses, conversations and piano improvisations are in the end of each track and the splits did not left a second of music out. Anyway, thanks JustBeto and Luiz. Some tracks were identified by the parrot in charge of this website, but I decided to take no risks making available the 14 tracks with no names.


Este disco pode ser buscado na Rádio Forma e Elenco do Martoni. O Martoni fez o trabalho de identificação das faixas a partir dos comentários. Copio abaixo do blog dele:

Tracks (titles as given in the comments):

1.Noelle’s Theme
2. ?
3.Who can I turn to
4.Letter to Evan
7.Wave (Leny Andrade, Eca and Marc)
8.Hermeto Paschoal Theme (?)
9.Letter to Evan and ?
11.Bill’s hit tune
13.Stella by starlight
14.E nada mais…


E o Frank-Oliver nos enviou o link do blog Jazz Station, com mais informações sobre a gravação, que em 2010 foi lançada comercialmente. Está aqui. Pelo visto, a gravação é de 1979 e não de 1980. Abaixo a contracapa do disco, que tem a listagem das músicas (clique para aumentar):