Baden Powell & Billy Nencioli – Billy Nencioli et Baden Powell (1965)

8 09 2011

Link original: Baden Powell & Billy Nencioli – Billy Nencioli et Baden Powell (1965)
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This is a unique Baden Powell LP, recorded with the French singer Billy Nencioli, which I could not find much information about, Baden second release to Barclay in 1965. All songs are Baden Powell and Billy Nencioli compositions, arrangements from Baden Powell that is accompanying Billy in all songs.

The lyrics are in French and I could not understand very well what the record is all about; anyway it is a cool piece. Several French musicians were on the set on a group titled Les Violons de Paris and complemented by Baden itself on guitar, M. Gaudry (bass), D. Humair e Molinetti (drums), Hernandez (flute), R. Guerin (trumpet), B. Garcia (sax tenor) and Ceret (percussion).

I’m sure that our friends in French will provide more detailed info about this record and Billy Nencioly. Tracks include:

01 – Si Rien Ne Va (Billy Nencioli / Baden Powell)
02 – Cet Hiver à Courchevel (Billy Nencioli / Baden Powell)
03 – Quel Métier (Billy Nencioli / Baden Powell)
04 – On Peut Me Dire Du Mal de Toi (Billy Nencioli / Baden Powell)
05 – Mais Ne Rigole Pas (Billy Nencioli / Baden Powell)
06 – Pour Toi Marie (Billy Nencioli / Baden Powell)
07 – Un Vieux Refrain (Billy Nencioli / Baden Powell)
08 – Jean Marie Juana (Billy Nencioli / Baden Powell)
09 – Tiens Bonjour (Billy Nencioli / Baden Powell)
10 – La Dernière Fois (Billy Nencioli / Baden Powell)
11 – Souviens-toi Mon Frere (Billy Nencioli / Baden Powell)
12 – Mon Ami Pierrot (Billy Nencioli / Baden Powell)


Não tinha este disco. Porém, com a ajuda dos amigos Andreas e Fulano Sicrano, ele hoje está disponível no Um que Tenha.