The Boogaloo Combo – Boogaloo Quente (1975)

21 09 2011

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Publicado em: Thursday, October 26, 2006 by zecalouro

Remember that LP with a boy picture at the front cover playing drums? The Boogaloo Combo, now back and improved with a truly different cover. I’m sorry for not making available a high-resolution image. This LP is very hard to find that I decided to do not wait longer for a better artwork.

This is The Boogaloo Combo – Boogaloo Quente (1975), Tropicana, once again, no additional information about personnel, etc. except that it is as good as the last one, of course if you had fun with that last Boogaloo Combo pick. Stay with track list and the 30s sample track as well.

01 – Boogaloo Combo (Miguel Cidras)
02 – Pela Mulher (Caña Dulce) (Annabella)
03 – Pela Praia Pensando Em Ti (Miguel Cidras / Waltel Branco)
04 – Os Carinhos de Maria (Eugênio de Andrade)
05 – Linda Mulatinha (Niño Moreno) (Loubet Cabrera / Castellón)
06 – Vem Logo Dançar (My Cool Boogaloo) (A. Lebron / Vrs. Miguel Cidras)
07 – Anamaria (Plena Española) (J. Ramirez)
08 – Quem Ama Desespera (Pulpa de Tamarindo) (P. Chanona / Vrs. Ernesto Escudero)
09 – Baby Vem Aqui (Let’s Boogaloo) (B. Valentin / Vrs. M. Cidras)
10 – Eu Sou Feliz Agora (Villa Cariño) (H. V. Cruz / E. Scheptman)
11 – Ana Mana Maria (Mary Mary) (J. Lebron / Vrs. Miguel Cidras)
12 – Vamos de Jacaré (Bang-bang) (J. Cuba / J. Sabater)


Não tinha este disco. Porém, graças à colaboração do Andreas e do Fulano Sicrano, ele está disponível no Um que Tenha.

Boogaloo Combo – Com Muito Ritmo (1972)

11 09 2011

Link original: Boogaloo Combo – Com Muito Ritmo (1972)
Publicado em: Monday, October 09, 2006 by zecalouro

Perhaps this is the most obscure and unknown LP by a group available so far at Loronix, Boogaloo Combo – Com Muito Ritmo (1972), perhaps everybody knows this LP and zecalouro is writing rubbish again. Anyway, this is a nice instrumental LP from the 70’s by Boogaloo Combo, essential to any serious collector and mandatory for those who track down Brazilian Bossa Soul records.

Don’t let the baby at the cover cheat you as he did with me, this is music for grownups. Guess who is behind this post? A feathered bird like me, but not green, blue. The mighty Arara Azul is the guy who should receive all the credits for this post. Thanks a million Arara Azul. Tracks include a version of Hot Pants Road that you should not miss.

01 – Nappy Head (Cabeça de Negro) (M. Dirckerson / C. Miller / S. Allen / H. Brown / H. Scott / L. Oskar / L. Jordan)
02 – Ain’t That Loving You (For More Reasons Than One) (Não Sou Eu Quem Te Ama) (H. Banks / A. Jones)
03 – Way Back Home (De Volta ao Lar) (W. Felder)
04 – Ebony Eyes (Olhos Negros) (T. Bell / L. Creed)
05 – Goza Negra (Bienvenido Fabian)
06 – Theme From The Music Lovers (Tchaikovsky / Adpt. Miguel Cidras)
07 – Hot Pants Road (Estrada do Desejo) (James Brown / C. Pickney / C. Bobbit)
08 – Put It Where You Want It (Onde Você Quiser) (Joe Sample)
09 – Suavecito (Suavemente) (R. Bean / A. Zarate / P. Tellez)
10 – Rock And Roll Lullaby (Não Volto Mais) (B. Mann / C. Weil)
11 – Un Rayo de Sol (Um Raio de Sol) (Fernando) (C. Carrere / D. Vangarde)
12 – If You Could Read My Mind (Se Você Pudesse Ler Meu Pensamento) (G. Lightfoot)


Este disco pode ser buscado no Arquivo do Samba Rock.