Brazilian Jazz Quartet – Coffee & Jazz (1958)

27 03 2013

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Casé & Brazilian Jazz Quartet - Coffe and Jazz (In Memorian)

Casé - In Memorian

Casé - In Memorian_3

Hello, good evening! I received this album from our good friend that came to my place to give it to our community. We should thanks cvllos, which was very lucky to find it in a really good condition. We were really excited about this one, Jose Ferreira Godinho Filho, better known as Casé, is one of our favorite musicians, who unfortunately left us so prematurely, recording only a few albums. I’m afraid cvllos will be disappointed as I was a couple of hours ago. In Memoriam is only a reissue of an album already available at Loronix, Brazilian Jazz Quartet – Coffee & Jazz (1958), kindly sent by Caetano Rodrigues one year ago as part of Loronix one year anniversary celebration.

The enthusiasm to present a new Casé release is now replaced only by the upgrade of Brazilian Jazz Quartet. However, if you have the previous release, this is a major upgrade, now including FLAC files. I am keeping the original text, added by specific information about In Memoriam, recorded in 1979 by GTA – Gravacoes Tupi Associadas, released one year before the passing of the great Casé.

Original May 2007 text:

Just came back from Kiko Continentino with Paulinho Guitarra and friends concert with this album on my mind and I could not resist to show Loronixers this truly awesome record sent by Caetano as part of Loronix 1st Year. The release date is uncertain, but I bet all my dollars this album was released in 1958. Meet the Brazilian Jazz Quartet, an obscure jazz quartet from the late 50’s that released two albums that will make you feel instantly crazy to know everything about them. Thanks Caetano, your small package for our on-line party will make people crazy and this is just the second album out of, well; let’s keep it secret until tomorrow.

This is Brazilian Jazz Quartet – Coffee & Jazz (1958), for Columbia, featuring Moacyr Peixoto (piano), Jose Ferreira Godinho Filho “Case” (sax), Rubens Alberto Barsotti “Rubinho” (drums) and Luiz Chaves Oliveira da Paz “Luiz Chaves” (bass). The back cover is also awesome with detailed biography information on each musician. Zimbo Trio fans will be amazed to read Luiz Chaves bio several years before Zimbo Trio. Self-explanatory Jazz for grown-ups made by Brazilian musicians in the late 50’s. I want to make a special request, let’s use comments to feedback this album, especially if you have already the chance to hear it and have additional information to share with us. Thanks once and once again Caetano for this fantastic music and Happy Birthday Loronix! Tracks include:


Moacyr Peixoto
Luiz Chaves

01 – The Lonesome Road
02 – When Your Lover Has Gone
03 – Cop-Out
04 – Black Satin
05 – Makin’ Whoopee
06 – No Moon at All
07 – Old Devil Moon
08 – Don’t Get Around Much Anymore
09 – You’d be so Nice to Come Home To
10 – I will Close my Eyes
11 – Alone
12 – Too Marvelous for Words


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