Breno Sauer Quarteto – 4 no Sucesso (1966)

22 05 2012

Link original: Breno Sauer Quarteto – 4 no Sucesso (1966)
Publicado em: Wednesday, July 11, 2007 by zecalouro

We had a very disturbed night today with Brazil soccer team playing an important came, IT problems, connection dropping several times. I was afraid of do not making this last post, which is the selection that will be on the first page during the whole day tomorrow. Anyway, Breno Sauer has been discussed by the friends of Quadradinho and also has several fans among Loronixers, we should stay in very good company with his last album as Breno Sauer Quarteto.

This is Breno Sauer Quarteto – 4 no Sucesso (1966), for Musidisc, which is Breno Sauer last release in Brazil before he moves to Mexico and US for a successful career that spans decades until today. 4 no Sucesso has global ambitions, bringing songs from Brazil, Italy, England, France and South Africa on top of instrumental Bossa Jazz delivered by Breno Sauer. Tracks include:

PersonnelBreno Sauer

Track List

01 – Michelle (John Lennon / Paul McCartney)
02 – Canto de Ossanha (Baden Powell / Vinicius de Moraes)
03 – Ternura (Fomehow It Got To Be Tomorrow) (E. Levitt / K. Karen)
04 – Io Te Daro Di Piu (Alberto Testa / Memo Remigi)
05 – Aline (Cristophe)
06 – Les Marionettes (Cristophe)
07 – Ninguém Poderá Julgar-me (Nessuno Mi Puo’ Giudicare) (P. Pace / Baretta / Del Preto)
08 – Apelo (Baden Powell / Vinicius de Moraes)
09 – Tema de Laura (Maurice Jarre)
10 – Yesterday (John Lennon / Paul McCartney)
11 – Ça Serai Beau (R. Antony)
12 – Strangers In The Night (B. Kaempfert / Snyder / Singlenton)


Não tinha esse disco. Porém, graças ao amigo Martoni, ele agora pode ser buscado na Rádio Forma e Elenco.

Breno Sauer Quinteto – Viva a Musica (1960)

7 04 2012

Link original: Breno Sauer Quinteto – Viva a Musica (1960)
Publicado em: Monday, May 28, 2007 by zecalouro

Hello, Good Evening! I want to thanks Joao Beltrao and GoodGroove for making this parrot remembers this album that for reasons I don’t know was not released yet at Loronix. This is the second Breno Sauer LP featuring the bring best of breed musicians available in Brazil South Region at that time with Breno Sauer playing accordion before moving to vibes.

This is Breno Sauer Quinteto – Viva a Musica (1960), for Columbia. Such like the last Quatro Ases e Um Curinga, Columbia cover artwork brings musicians, their instruments and a white plain background. It is a nice way to show musicians and their faces, so hard to see, such like Altivo Penteado (Garoto) on vibes at the lower centered position. I hope Loronixers get pleased with this first release of this Monday that seems to break all-time Loronix visitor number record. Tracks include:


Breno Sauer
Altivio Penteado (Garoto)
Olmir Stocker (Alemao)
Afonso Cid
Gabriel Jorge Bahlis

Track List

01 – Prenda Minha (Tradicional)
02 – Boogie Woogie na Favela (Denis Brean)
03 – Marcianita (J. I. Marcone / G. V. Alderete)
04 – Três Chic (C. Rosoff / B. Motola / J. Hoffman)
05 – Menina Moça (Luis Antônio)
06 – Pour Elise (Ludwig Van Beethoven)
07 – Noche de Ronda (Maria Teresa Lara)
08 – All The Things You Are (O. Hammerstein II / Kern)
09 – Levanta Mangueira (Luis Antônio)
10 – Carinho e Amor (Tito Madi)
11 – O Matador (Moritat) (Kurt Weill / B. Brechet)
12 – Un Telegrama (Hermanos Garcia Segura)
13 – Quem É (Oldemar Magalhães / Osmar Navarro)
14 – A Media Luz (Donato / Lenzi)
15 – Possess Me (Lubin / Roth)
16 – If I Had You (Shapiro / Campbell / Connelly)


Este disco pode ser buscado na Rádio Forma e Elenco do Martoni.

Breno Sauer Quarteto – 4 na Bossa (1966)

30 03 2012

Link original: Breno Sauer Quarteto – 4 na Bossa (1966)
Publicado em: Saturday, May 19, 2007 by zecalouro

Hello, Good Evening! I was wondering the right time to show this album to Loronixers and I think the time has come with this One million hits barrier we broke today and also with the hint send by Good Groove at the previous Tamba Trio post. This is a really great Samba Jazz set from the old times, recorded by another artist that I learned to admire at Loronix.

This is Breno Sauer Quarteto – 4 na Bossa (1966), for Musidisc, perhaps one of the best records ever made in the 60’s by the Brazilian pianist, arranger and composer Breno Sauer. Thanks Good Groove for bringing this fantastic album back to this parrot memory. I’m brief today; several emails are reaching my mailbox such like a waterfall on a tiny cup of tea. Stay tuned for the next releases of the day. Tracks include:

PersonnelBreno Sauer

Track List

01 – Você (Roberto Menescal / Ronaldo Bôscoli)
02 – Essa É Nossa (Breno Sauer)
03 – Blues For Mother (Henry Mancini)
04 – Estamos Ai (Durval Ferreira / Maurício Einhorn / Regina Werneck)
05 – Olhou Pra Mim (Ed Lincoln / Silvio César)
06 – Sonho de Maria (Marcos Valle / Paulo Sergio Valle)
07 – Sambossa (Nilo Sergio)
08 – Amanhã (Walter Santos / Tereza Souza)
09 – My Many Shely (Henry Mancini)
10 – Baiãozinho (Eumir Deodato)
11 – Amor Em Paz (Vinicius de Moraes / Tom Jobim)
12 – Terra Seca (Ary Barroso)


Este disco pode ser buscado no Um que Tenha.

Made in Brasil – Tudo Joia (1984) with Breno Sauer

22 11 2011

Link original: Made in Brasil – Tudo Joia (1984) with Breno Sauer
Publicado em: Tuesday, December 26, 2006 by zecalouro

This is one of the most inquisitive contributions from Caetano Rodrigues so far. A band born in Chicago that makes a fusion of funky, jazz and samba as I never heard before. I know that Breno Sauer is part of this band, but he could not be responsible alone for the strengths of this band and specially this LP.

Meet Made in Brasil – Tudo Joia (1984), for Pausa (Italy), as said, an above the average jazz and samba fusion with nice vocal arrangements featuring Breno Sauer – Piano, Paulo Garcia – Bass & Vocals, Akio Sasajima – Guitar, Neusa Sauer – Lead Vocals, Ron Dewar – Tenor, Roberto Sanchez – Percussion and Phil Gratteau – Drums. If you look for samba jazz with vocals, this is the release for you. It is hard to believe that this group is from Chicago. Tracks include:

01 – Bebete
02 – Samba Do Avião
03 – Sai Dessa
04 – Arlequin Desconhecido
05 – Favela
06 – Fato Consumado


Este disco pode ser buscado no Fhenso Weblog

Breno Sauer Quinteto – Sambabessa (1963)

9 10 2011

Link original: Breno Sauer Quinteto – Sambabessa (1963)
Publicado em: Thursday, November 16, 2006 by zecalouro

Good night, friends! Everybody talks about the Brazilian music from Rio de Janeiro, Minas Gerais, Sao Paulo and Bahia, notably, these five states are really important, they gave renowned artists and were also responsible for cultural movements such as Tropicalismo, Bossa Nova, etc.

I have received more than a few e-mails from friends of Rio Grande do Sul, not with complaints, just remembering that this state gave to us legends such like Elis Regina, Manfredo Fest, among others. Breno Sauer is not considered a legend, but had an important contribution to instrumental music and was responsible for some other artists that got recognition with him, such like Garoto and Olmir Stocker aka Alemao.

Let’s move the spotlight for Breno Sauer Quinteto – Sambabessa (1963), for RGE, wonderful instrumental LP featuring Breno Sauer (vibes), Olmir Stocker (guitar), Osvaldo Carrero (accordion), Portinho (drums) and Erne Eger (bass). You will probably wonder if the drummer Portinho is in fact Maestro Portinho. I could not check it, but it seems that it is just a homonymous. Tracks include:

01 – Sambabessa (Olmir Stocker “Alemão”)
02 – Amor e Paz (Tito Madi)
03 – Luciana (Tom Jobim / Vinicius de Moraes)
04 – Canção do Amor Mais Triste (Édson Borges)
05 – Fim de Semana Em Paquetá (João de Barro / Alberto Ribeiro)
06 – Samba da Madrugada (Dora Lopes / Carminha Mascarenhas / Herotides Nascimento)
07 – Liberdade Demais (Hélio Nascimento / Mariano Filho)
08 – Senhorita (Tito Madi)
09 – Só Danço Samba (Tom Jobim / Vinicius de Moraes)
10 – Desafinado (Tom Jobim / Newton Mendonça)
11 – Lembranças (Raul Sampaio / Benil Santos)
12 – Três Amigos (Túlio Piva)


Não tinha este disco. Porém, graças à colaboração dos amigos Eliane e Fulano Sicrano este disco está agora disponível no Um que Tenha. 

Breno Sauer Quinteto – Viva o Samba (1959)

20 09 2011

Link original: Breno Sauer Quinteto – Viva o Samba (1959)
Publicado em: Tuesday, October 24, 2006 by zecalouro

The last post was really cool, a great record with no information about it. Mr. G. is back to Loronix after some week or two on vacation. He said that Conjunto Carcara – Barra Limpa is probably from Minas Gerais State, since he is the happy owner of a copy that he bought for (One Real) there. Last minute information, Barra Limpa is auctioned at Popsike with a starting bid of US$ 150,00. This old vinyl market is really amazing.

Let’s stop talking about the last post since this new one is breathtaking. Once again, the info available is minimum, but just enough to make your eyes jump out of your head. zecalouro presents Breno Sauer Quinteto – Viva o Samba (1959) for Columbia, which is Breno Sauer debut LP.

Promising, don’t you think? Great! Take a seat now to read who is behind Breno Sauer Quinteto. If you can cope with tracks before reading personnel, they are included below. Check also a new zecalouro’s that shows 30s of a given track.

PersonnelBreno Sauer

Altivo Penteado “Garoto”

Olmir Stocker “Alemao”

Afonso Cid “Pirata”

Gabriel Jorge Bahlis “Turco”


01 – Solução (Raul Sampaio / Ivo Santos)
02 – Brigas Nunca Mais (Tom Jobim / Vinicius de Moraes)
03 – Frenesi (A. Dominguez)
04 – É Tão Gostoso Seu Moço (Mário Lago / Chocolate)
05 – Cuco (Jonasson)
06 – Se Acaso Você Chegasse (Lupicínio Rodrigues / Felisberto Martins)
07 – Sofro (Nelson Alves / Vera Falcão)
08 – Mr Gershwin (The Man I Love) (Ira Gershwin / George Gershwin)
09 – A Felicidade (Tom Jobim / Vinicius de Moraes)
10 – Estudo Em Samba (Frederic Chopin)
11 – Feitio de Oração (Noel Rosa / Vadico)
12 – Bahia Com H (Denis Brean)


Não tinha este disco. Porém, graças ao Andreas e ao Fulano Sicrano, ele agora está disponível no Um que Tenha

Breno Sauer e Seu Conjunto – Viva a Bossa! (1963)

6 08 2011

Link original: Breno Sauer e Seu Conjunto – Viva a Bossa! (1963)
Postado em: Thursday, July 27, 2006 by zecalouro

Good Morning! This is probably one of the earliest LPs released by Breno Sauer Quarteto, here as Breno Sauer e seu Conjunto. The release date is uncertain, probably recorded by an early Breno in Porto Alegre, Breno’s hometown in south of Brazil.

Breno Sauer was influenced by Musica Regional, which is made up of guitar, accordion, flute, pandeiro and cavaquinho. The sound of the accordion is on all tracks of this LP.

Later on, Breno Sauer has assembled Breno Sauer Quarteto, releasing the successful LPs 4 na Bossa and 4 no Sucesso.

That’s all zecalouro knows. This is a very nice easy-listening Bossa Jazz LP with the unusual sound of accordion with a vibraphone dueling with a very well played piano. Tracks include Jobim and Bossa Nova classics.


Não tinha este disco. Porém, graças à colaboração dos amigos Andreas e Fulano Sicrano, hoje ele está disponível no Um que Tenha.