Cartola – Cartola 70 Anos (1979)

3 05 2013

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Cartola - 1979 - 70 Anos

Hello, good evening! Tomorrow is Saturday and it has been a long time since we made one of those Saturdays with full focus and dedication to good Samba music. I’m brand new to Cartola and each new record I get for a spin seems to be better than the last one. Cartola music is sublime and although he is not essentially a Samba singer, his interpretations are sweet and sometimes moving. Perhaps we cannot make a Samba Saturday tomorrow, but at least we will cross the whole day with one of the most acclaimed Brazilian Samba legends ever. Let’s see.
This is Cartola – Cartola 70 Anos (1979), for RCA, celebrating Cartola 70th Anniversary and featuring renowned Brazilian musicians. Maestro Nelsinho is in charge of the arrangements and you can see Nelsinho in the right, besides Haroldo Barbosa and Sergio Cabral. Cartola performs his own compositions, including Ciencia e Arte (Cartola / Carlos Cachaca), recorded for Escola de Samba Estacao Primeira de Mangueira in 1949 and not selected by Mangueira leaders to be the official song of Carnaval parade on that year. The selection of Loronix Preview Center track is always difficult with Cartola albums, so I decided to just take the first track, O Inverno de Meu Tempo (Cartola / Roberto Nascimento). Tracks include:



Maestro Nelsinho
(arrangements, trombone)
Sergio Carvalho
Abel Ferreira
(alto sax, clarinet)
(violao 7 cordas)
(violao, viola)
Wilson das Neves
Marcal, Luna, Eliseu, Gilberto, Cuscus
Genaro, Stenio, Barbosa, Gordinho, Miriam Goulart, As Gatas

Track List

01 – O Inverno do Meu Tempo (Cartola / Roberto Nascimento)
02 – A Cor da Esperança (Cartola / Roberto Nascimento)
03 – Feriado na Roça (Cartola)
04 – Ciência e Arte (Cartola / Carlos Cachaça)
05 – Senões (Cartola / Nuno Veloso)
06 – Mesma Estória (Cartola / Élton Medeiros)
07 – Fim de Estrada (Cartola)
08 – Enquanto Deus Consentir (Cartola)
09 – Dê-me Graças Senhora (Cartola / Cláudio Jorge)
10 – Evite Meu Amor (Cartola)
11 – Silêncio de Um Cipreste (Cartola / Carlos Cachaça)
12 – Bem Feito (Cartola)


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Cartola – Cartola (1975)

13 01 2013

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Cartola - Cartola (1975)-FRONT

Cartola - Cartola (1975)-BACK

Hello, good evening! I’m starting this Sunday with a beauty of an album that deserves to be the main post of the night. I could not wait longer to show it to Loronixers so great is my enthusiasm with this little record that was abandoned on my closet for many months. This is Cartola debut LP, recorded when he had the age of 65. You should take this one for a try, even if you do not understand Portuguese or are not a Samba fan. I recommend. Let’s see.

This is Cartola – Cartola (1975), for Marcus Pereira. It is amazing that Cartola, which started his career in the 30’s, could only record his first album in 1975. Cartola sings his own compositions and how beautiful is his singing, he was recorded many renowned Brazilian artists across decades and now I’m sure the best Cartola interpreter is Cartola. The session had Maestro Horondino Jose da Silva, also known as Dino Sete Cordas, in charge of the arrangements and musicians were all credited by Marcus Pereira label. Tracks include:


Horondino Jose da Silva
Dino Sete Cordas
(violao sete cordas, arrangements)
Jayme Thomas Florencio
Waldiro Frederico Tramontano
Raul Machado de Barros
Raul de Barros
Nicolino Copia
Gilberto D’Avila
(surdo, pandeiro)
Nilton Delfino Marcal
(cuica, caixa de fosforos)
Roberto Bastos Pinheiro
(tamborim, agogo)
Jorge Jose da Silva
(pandeiro, caxixi)
Wilson Canegal
(ganza, reco-reco)
Joab Lopes Teixeira

Track List

01 – Disfarca e Chora (Cartola / Dalmo Casteli)
02 – Sim (Cartola / Oswaldo Martins)
03 – Corra e Olhe o Ceu (Cartola / Dalmo Casteli)
04 – Acontece (Cartola)
05 – Tive Sim (Cartola)
06 – O Sol Nascera (Cartola / Elton Medeiros)
07 – Alvorada (Cartola / Carlos Cachaca / Herminio Bello de Carvalho)
08 – Festa da Vinda (Cartola / Nuno Veloso)
09 – Quem me ve Sorrindo (Cartola / Carlos Cachaca)
10 – Amor Proibido (Cartola)
11 – Ordenes e Farei (Cartola / Aluisio Dias)
12 – Alegria (Cartola)


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Cartola – Nova Historia da Musica Popular Brasileira (1977)

30 11 2012

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Cartola - Nova Historia MPB (1977)

Cartola - Nova Historia MPB (1977)-BACKCartola is a very important Brazilian artist, with compositions recorded by all acknoledged Brazilian performers. Cartola was simple, authentic and never act if was an artist, perhaps the reason for leaving only spare recordings. The last Leo Ribeiro Forma & Elenco Radio show was a special Cartola edition. I invite you to check Radio Forma & Elenco website, owned and maintained by Martoni, from the Netherlands. There you can download past Forma & Elenco editions and also the last one featuring Cartola. We have only two Cartola albums available at Loronix and they were released a long time ago. Let’s see.

This is Cartola – Nova Historia da Musica Popular Brasileira (1978), for Abril Cultural, featuring eight Cartola compositions performed by Cartola and selected artists, such like: Paulinho da Viola, Nara Leao, Gal Costa, among others. Don’t let the first track Divina Dama, performed by Francisco Alves cheats you. This track was taken from a very old 78 rpm and it seems the folks at Abril Cultural did not make a necessary remastering, but the remaining tracks are clean and beautiful. I recommend. Tracks include:

The Performers

Francisco Alves
Nara Leao
Cyro Monteiro
Paulinho da Viola
Gal Costa
Carlos Cachaça

Track List

01 – Divina Dama (Cartola) with Francisco Alves
02 – O Sol Nascerá (Cartola / Élton Medeiros) with Nara Leão
03 – Tive Sim (Cartola) with Cyro Monteiro
04 – Preconceito (Cartola) with Cartola
05 – Não Quero Mais Amar a Ninguém (Cartola / Zé da Zilda / Carlos Cachaça) with Paulinho da Viola
06 – Acontece (Cartola) with Gal Costa
07 – Alvorada (Cartola / Carlos Cachaça / Hermínio Bello de Carvalho) with Carlos Cachaça
08 – O Mundo É Um Moinho (Cartola) with Cartola


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Cartola – Verde que te Quero Rosa (1977)

5 08 2011

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Cartola is the founder of Mangueira Samba School – known by its unique verde e rosa (green and pink) official colors – and the most famous and celebrated composer of Brazilian Samba golden age.

Cartola – Verde que te Quero Rosa (1977) is one of the best of Cartola spare releases. Recorded 3 years before his passing, this LP has wonderful arrangements, performed by a set of musicians that only a legend can drag together to a set, which includes Radamés Gnatalli, Canhoto, Meira, Dininho, Vidal, Hélio Capucci, Wilson das Neves, Jorge Silva, Luna, Marçal, Elizeu, Antenor Marques Filho, Gilberto dÁvila, Aizik Geller, Abel Ferreira, Altamiro Carrilho and Nelsinho.

Take also a time to read the awesome Cartola bio. During more than a decade, Cartola has just disappeared from Mangueira and the music scene. Everybody was even thinking that Cartola died, when Sergio Porto discovered him by accident living in poor conditions washing cars on Rio de Janeiro streets. There are many other stories.

This cover artwork is also something that you cannot ignore. Very beautiful.


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Cartola – Cartola (1976)

13 07 2011

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Cartola is an essential. A genius that never had his art recognized properly when alive.

I will let you with AMG to introduce you some history about Cartola, I would not jeopardize using my own words.

This LP from 1976 is the second one from Cartola, it is the best for beginners since brings his most successful compositions. This album is beautiful, Cartola wrote really nice melodies and put some wonderful harmony to support. Authentic and genuine Samba here.


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