Chico Feitosa – Chico Fim de Noite Apresenta Chico Feitosa (1965)

10 11 2011

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I will never understand why zecalouro forgets some essential albums from the Bossa Nova age. This one is a perfect example. Meet Chico Feitosa – Chico Fim-de-Noite Apresenta Chico Feitosa (1965), for Forma. This is the only LP released by this great singer. Chico Feitosa had everything ready to make a great career as a singer, he was present at the first Bossa Nova show in Carnegie Hall (USA), Chico released this wonderful LP, but since then, he did not release more albums, changing his career to jingles production and journalistic activities.

Chico Feitosa compositions have been recorded by many renowned artists, such as: Luiz Bonfá, Baden Powell, Pery Ribeiro, Alaíde Costa, Elza Soares, Wilson Simonal, Tim Maia, Maysa, Elza Soares, Maria Creuza, Marisa Gata Mansa, Tamba Trio, Sérgio Mendes e Maria Bethânia, among others. Take a careful attention to this LP and you will see how delicious it is. Tracks include:

01 – Fim de Noite (Chico Feitosa / Ronaldo Bôscoli)
02 – Canção do Olhar Amado (Chico Feitosa / Marino Pinto)
03 – Caminho (Chico Feitosa / Marcos Vasconcellos)
04 – Borboleta (Chico Feitosa / Marcos Vasconcellos)
05 – Abandono (Chico Feitosa / Marcos Vasconcellos)
06 – Ilusão (Chico Feitosa / Marcos Vasconcellos)
07 – Inquietação (Chico Feitosa)
08 – Sou Só Saudade (Chico Feitosa / Marcos Vasconcellos)
09 – Canto (Chico Feitosa / Marcos Vasconcellos)
10 – O Amor Que Acabou (Chico Feitosa / Luis Fernando Freire)


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