Chiquinho do Acordeon – Chiquinho do Acordeon (1989)

26 04 2012

Link original: Chiquinho do Acordeon – Chiquinho do Acordeon (1989)
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Ella Fitzgerald was the inspiration needed to release this album by the legendary and highly underrated accordion player Chiquinho do Acordeon, released very recently, with several special guests and never reissued in CD. Chiquinho do Acordeon contribution to Brazilian music span decades, he was responsible on translating the “country” accordion felling to the modern times of Brazilian music, Chiquinho is the main expression of accordion playing in Brazil, an instrument that is having a new and fresh interest of many musicians an public worldwide.

This is Chiquinho do Acordeon – Chiquinho do Acordeon (1989), for Visom, featuring several special guests in the set, such as: Aecio Flavio, Mamao (Azimuth), Roberto Menescal, Bebeto, Ze Menezes, Marcio Montarroyos, Sebastiao Tapajos, Gilson Peranzetta, Helio Delmiro, Marcos Valle among many others. This fantastic cover artwork is a work of Ique, a renowned Brazilian cartoonist. Track List and personnel will be made available together this time.Tracks include:

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Este disco pode ser buscado no Forró em Vinil.

Chiquinho do Acordeon – Chiquinho, Seu Acordeon e Sua Orquestra (1961)

14 11 2011

Link original: Chiquinho do Acordeon – Chiquinho, Seu Acordeon e Sua Orquestra (1961)
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Let’s made this day a happy day, celebrating Sivuca with another artist that shares his passion for the accordion, Chiquinho do Acordeon, considered the Father of the modern accordion playing in Brazil.

The accordion was very popular in the 40’s, until the early 60’s. I remember my father asking me which instrument I would like to learn, the acoustic guitar or the accordion. It was really common at the times the choice of the accordion instead of the acoustic guitar as the first instrument in the childhood. By the way, my choice was the guitar.

I’m wondering if it was better playing first the accordion, such complex and rich instrument could provide myself a better initial music education.

You will have high quality music with Chiquinho do Acordeon – Chiquinho, Seu Acordeon e Sua Orquestra, for Odeon, another nice, unique and hard to find release provided by our great friend Caetano Rodrigues. Tracks include:

01 – Chora Tua Tristeza
02 – Samba Triste
03 – Era Bom
04 – Inteirinha
05 – Espere um Pouco Mais
06 – Minha Seras Eternamente
07 – Tete
08 – Esquecendo Voce
09 – Dindi
10 – Esmeralda
11 – Serenata Suburbana
12 – Guarda Che Luna (Olha que Lua)


Este disco estava  com defeito, porém um colaborador anônimo acaba de nos enviar a versão corrigida, que pode ser buscada no Parallel Realities.