Chris Connor – Sings Gentle Bossa Nova (1965)

2 02 2012

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Here we go on the International Bossa Nova release of the day, always sponsored by Caetano Rodrigues. By the way, I was talking with Caetano today and we both agree that we need more female singers, they are popular and sometimes make our minds fly away from where we are. Caetano presents Chris Connor and her rendition to Bossa Nova. Let’s see.

This is Chris Connor – Sings Gentle Bossa Nova (1965), for Paramount, once again, another female singer with that Julie London – Cry me a River mood, which is very adapted to Bossa Nova gentle singing. Chris Connor brings an innovative repertoire with Sings Gentle Bossa Nova, opening the record with a Beatles song, Hard Day’s Night and keeps rolling with a nice repertoire with no Bossa Nova standards. This should please Loronixers as I got pleased when heard it today. Tracks include:

01 – Hard Day’s Night
02 – A Taste of Honey
03 – Downtown
04 – Feeling Good
05 – Shadow of your Smile
06 – Who Can I Turn To (When Nobody Needs Me)
07 – Can’t Get Over the Bossa Nova
08 – Hush, Hush, Sweet Charlotte
09 – Dear Heart
10 – Baby, the Rain Must Fall
11 – Stranger on the Shore
12 – A Quiet Thing


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