France Selection – Claire Chevalier, Henri Salvador and Sacha Distel | France

9 04 2012

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Here we go on France, which has position 5 on visitors number last year. Today was great, a European day, by the way. Perhaps Caetano got such like zecealouro on deciding between several good choices and made this jointly album, a compilation, and bringing together three renowned French artists. I hope to see one day one of these albums alone.

The first we will comment is all about Brazil, Claire Chevalier – Saveur Bresil, featuring the guitar of Rosinha de Valenca in all tracks. Here we have a singer that I never had contact before, she sings nicely and Rosinha de Valenca guitar can be heard loud and clear on tracks selected by Caetano. Personnel is unknown and the rhythm section works very good, giving the album that Brazilian atmosphere that we love. These are the tracks selected by Caetano from Claire Chevalier – Saveur Bresil.

01 – Les Fevilles Mortes
02 – Les Moulins de Mon Ceur
06 – La Valse des Lilas
07 – L’ Absent
12 – Que Reste-il de Nos Amours
13 – Un Homme et Une Femme
15 – Jet’ Aumerai
16 – Ces Petits Rien

This is an artist that does not need an introduction, very wise of Caetano selecting tracks from Henri Salvador – Chambre Avec Vue. Henri Salvador is a real legend, he started his career in the 30’s and did not stop releasing records, reinventing his art and always keeping a Brazilian influence. These are Henri Salvador – Chambre Avec Vue tracks selected by Caetano.

03 – Jai Vu
04 – Jazz Mediterranee
08 – Vagabond
09 – Aime-Moi

Closing Caetano tribute to French Loronixers, we have the well-known Sacha Distel, one of the first contributions from Caetano to Loronixers with an album that I have all my best feeling for it, Sacha Distel – Un Amour, un Sourire, Une Fleur. Caetano’s Sacha Distel picks are.

05 – Agua de Beber
10 – Garota de Ipanema
11 – Corcovado
14 – Meditacao


Não tinha este disco. Porém, graças aos amigos Bili e Martoni, ele está disponível na Rádio Forma e Elenco.

I’m not surprised to see France taking the position 5 on our country ranking. I have relatives living in France and seem to me that every person in France is tuned with everything about Brazil. The numbers supports this argument; Paris is the city where most of French Loronixers come from with 37% of visits. Lyon and Nice take the second and third place and there are more than 160 others cities with people reaching Loronix.

This is truly awesome. Thanks Loronixers from France, you represent a great portion of our community with a strong contribution to Loronix.

Best Regards, zecalouro