Conjunto de Sergio Carvalho – Ritmo, Danca, Alegria (1968)

25 02 2013

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Conjunto Sergio Carvalho - Ritmo, Danca e Alegria (1968)

Hello, good evening! Since I saw this album for the first time at the essential Brazilian music discography and cover artwork website Bossa Nova On-line, I started tracking it down for our community. This week, I saw an e-bay listing with this album, being offered by the unbelievable US$ 349,95 Buy it Now price. Since I have as a personal rule to do not spend more than US$ 5,00 on an album, I decided to make it today, using MP3s made available by someone at the Internet. I hope you support my decision. Let’s see.

This is Conjunto Sergio Carvalho – Ritmo, Danca e Alegria (1968), for Philips, featuring the Brazilian organist and composer Sergio Carvalho and his Conjunto with credited musicians at the back cover. Unfortunately, the scan is not good and I could read only Sergio Carvalho’s name and producer’s name, which is the legendary Durval Ferreira. Ritmo, Danca e Alegria has a single track on each side and eighteen tunes across the entire album. I decided to crop the beginning of Side B to show Ponteio (Edu Lobo / Capinan) at Loronix Preview Center. Tracks include:

Side A

Canzone Per Te (Sergio Endrigo / Bardotti)
Adieu a La Nuit (M. Jarre / M. Vidalin)
L’amour Est Bleu (André Popp / M. Cour)
The Look Of Love (Burt Bacharach / H. David)
San Francisco (J. Philips)
O Homem Proibido (Lyrio Panicali)
Malayisha (M. Makeba / Ragovoy)
Pata Pata (Ragovoy / M. Makeba)
Suck’um Up (K. Lee)
Alegria Alegria (Caetano Veloso)

Side B

Ponteio (Edu Lobo / Capinan)
Até Quarta-feira (H. Silva / Paulo Sette)
Noite dos Mascarados (Chico Buarque)
Amor de Carnaval (Zé Keti)
Triste Madrugada (Jorge Costa)
Voltei (Oswaldo Nunes / Celso Castro)
Você Voltou (Beto / Oldemar Magalhães / Fernando Luz)
Gana (E. Wilkins)


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O Conjunto Sergio Carvalho – Alta Tensao (1967)

5 08 2011

Link original: O Conjunto Sergio Carvalho – Alta Tensao (1967)

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zecalouro has now a really obscure LP to present, this the one that he as really no info about. O Conjunto Sergio Carvalho, Alta Tensao (unknown release date).


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