Quarteto Negro – Quarteto Negro (1987)

23 02 2013

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Quarteto Negro - Quarteto Negro (1987)

Hello, good evening! In the last days, I was trying to identify the reason of a major increase of Loronix. Just as an example, February was a record in number of visits and we know that February is a month with only 29 days and includes Carnaval and school holidays, a month that many friends use to left the city on trips. The answer came today and I was very pleased to confirm that our new translation service is responsible, improving the rate of people that make 2 or more visitors at Loronix. This is awesome response. Anyway, why talking about these matters? Perhaps it is my way to show how I’m happy with this fast 2008 start at Loronix.

Today we will have great albums, starting with this one, never released in CD and pretty unknown to everybody. Let’s see.

This is Quarteto Negro – Quarteto Negro (1987), for Kuarup, featuring the internationally acclaimed Paulo Moura, the percussionist Djalma Correa, the bassist Jorge Degas and the Brazilian singer Zeze Motta, assembled to release this first and only album, which is a fantastic instrumental album mixing Jazz, Samba and Afro rhythms. Zeze Motta delivers vocals on five out of 10 tracks, but what amazed me most at Quarteto Negro is the percussion delivered by Djalma Correa, which is a really gifted musician. Loronix Preview Center features 01 – Folozinha (Marku Ribas / Reinaldo Amaral), try it and you will not resist the overall Quarteto Negro experience. Tracks include:



Paulo Moura
(clarinet and sax at 01, 03, 10)

Zeze Motta
(vocals at 01, 03, 05, 06, 09)


Jorge Degas
(bass, violao, vocals)
Djalma Correa

Track List

01 – Folôzinha (Marku Ribas / Reinaldo Amaral)
02 – Sobre as Ondas (Jorge Degas)
03 – Merengue (Adler São Luis)
04 – Festas da Xica (Paulo Moura)
05 – Semba (Jorge Degas / Zezé Motta)
06 – Zumbi (A Felicidade Guerreira) (Gilberto Gil / Waly Salomão)
07 – Brucutú (Jorge Degas / Djalma Correia)
08 – Geísa (Roberto Guima)
09 – A Quelé Menina (Djalma Luz)
10 – Taisho-koto (Djalma Correia)


Este disco pode ser buscado no Abracadabra.