Dominguinhos – Oi, La Vou Eu! (1977)

20 10 2011

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Publicado em: SUNDAY, OCTOBER 22, 2006

We wait a long time until Dominguinhos makes his debut at Loronix, but this waiting was worthwhile, Dominguinhos is a great artist and this LP will introduce you to a genre that is really unique, Forro!

Forro is music from Brazilian Northeast; it is very dancing, played with accordion and several percussion instruments from that region. Feel free to correct if I’m wrong, but the word Forro was taken from the English term For All, used to announce parties organized by military forces that were in Brazil in the beginning of the last century.

As I said, Forro will be introduced by one of its greatest artists, Dominguinhos, with the LP Dominguinhos – Oi, La Vou Eu! (1977) from Philips. Oi La Vou Eu has the participation of Joao Donato, Hermeto Pascoal and Perinho Albuquerque (arrangements), Jackson do Pandeiro (percussion on some tracks), Wagner Tiso (piano), Toninho Horta (guitar) and Luizao (bass). Tracks include:

01 – Eu Vou de Banda (Dominguinhos / Anastácia)
02 – O Que Aconteceu Menina (Dominguinhos / Anastácia)
03 – No Dia Em Que Eu Vim Me Embora (Caetano Veloso / Gilberto Gil)
04 – Detrás do Meu Quintal (Dominguinhos / Anastácia)
05 – Oi Lá Vou Eu (Dominguinhos / Anastácia)
06 – Xote da Gameleira (Dominguinhos / Anastácia)
07 – Catingueira Fulorou (Dominguinhos / Anastácia)
08 – Desilusão (Anastácia / Dominguinhos)
09 – Forró Em Lagoa da Canoa (Dominguinhos / Anastácia) — Instrumental
10 – Arrebol (Dominguinhos / Anastácia)
11 – Não Tem Jeito Que Dê Jeito (Dominguinhos / Anastácia)
12 – Tempo Triste (Renato Vargas / Damyr Costa)

For All Loronixers, Dominguinhos – Oi, La Vou Eu! (1977), at Loronix.

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