Dora Lopes – Testamento (1974)

12 09 2012

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It is really nice when an artist that I never heard about comes to my hand with the help of Loronix community. And I get really surprised when a friend out of Brazil introduces a new artist to us. Meet Dora Lopes, kindly sent by the legendary Mr. G. that highly recommends this record. Dora Lopes is not a singer that recorded only one album and disappears; she was a well-known singer at Copacabana nightclubs, being also a great composer. Thanks once again Mr. G.

This is Dora Lopes – Testamento (1974), for RGE, featuring a repertoire with compositions by her own. In spite of the very sad lyrics, this is a great album, Dora Lopes sings nicely and is backed by renowned musicians, such like Poly, Heraldo do Monte, Boneca, Bolao and a nice rhythm section in charge of the obscure Os Embaixadores do Samba. Personnel listing is very long and you will find it inside the music. Sorry, I got additional time and is now available bellow. Tracks include:


Jose Toledo
Angelo Apolonio “Poly”
Luiz de Andrade, Boneca, Heraldo do Monte, Messias Santos
Bolao, Rosario de Carla
Mario Casale
Gabriel Bahlis
Jurandir Trindade, Cristino Melo
Elizario do Carmo
Raphael Teophilo
(apito, agogo)
Clovis de Lima – Conde de Fernete
Alaor de Mora
Markus Nastasity
Os Embaixadores do Samba
(rhythm section)

Track List

01 – Homenagem – Se Eu Morrer Amanhã Tá Tudo Certo (Dora Lopes / Conde Fernete / Jony Santos)
02 – Ponto de Encontro (Dora Lopes / Clayton Werre)
03 – Branco de Paz (Dora Lopes / Franko Xavier / Jean Pierre)
04 – Oração à Dalva (Dora Lopes / Norberto Pereira / José Costa)
05 – Visita Permanente (Dora Lopes / Jean Pierre)
06 – Tomando Mais Uma (Dora Lopes / Jony Santos / Conde Fernete)
07 – Samba da Madrugada (Dora Lopes / Carminha Mascarenhas / Herotides Nascimento)
08 – Barraco Diferente (Dora Lopes / Jorge Rangel / Conde Fernete)
09 – Diploma de Sambista (Dora Lopes / Jorge Lopes / Marcos Silvestre)
10 – Com Dolores no Céu (Dora Lopes / Jorge Lopes / Bob Júnior)


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