Duke Ellington – Duke Ellington’s Jazz Violin Session (1963)

11 01 2012

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Another album that is being shown to Loronixers as an outcome of a conversation started at CBox, the shouting box we have on our right side. When I added CBox feature, I could never imagine it would be so essential to Loronix. At CBox there is a structured process, as follows: someone shouts an album recommendation and I use to address when available, but the magic starts when I do not have the title requested, one of many CBox readers gets along with the process and send the request to Loronixers.

In this case it was completely different, the Loronixer who made the contribution asked for a personal delivering, so I had to met him on an agreed spot close to my place and now we have this sought-after LP asked by Beto Kessel, The Ambassador, on a very good quality. Thanks Beto Kessel and thanks to the anonymous Loronixer.

This is Duke Ellington – Duke Ellington’s Jazz and Violin Session (1963), for Atlantic, featuring Duke Ellington, Ray Nance and the legendary Stephane Grapelli, among others. Duke Ellington is a self-explanatory Jazz legend and this LP unique, blending Jazz with violins on a relaxed and warm session that you will hear several times. Tracks include:


Duke Ellington
Stephane Grappelli
Ray Nance
Svend Asmussen

Paul Gonsalves
(sax tenor)
Ernie Shepard
Billy Strayhorn
Sam Woodyard
Russell Procope
Buster Cooper

Track List

01 – Take the “A” Train
02 – In a Sentimental Mood
03 – Don’t Get Around Much Anymore
04 – Day Dream
05 – Cotton Tail
06 – Pretty Little One
07 – Tricky’s Licks
08 – Blues in C
09 – String Along with Strings
10 – Limbo Jazz
11 – Feeling of Jazz


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