Gade & Walfrido Silva – Gafieira (1956)

24 04 2013

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Gadê E Walfrido Silva - Gafieira

Hello, good evening! I have been learning several things since Loronix has started. Actually, every day I learn a new thing with the community or with the albums made available here. There is another thing that I find out, which is to never underestimate an album, whatever it is, no matter who are the performers, even if you never heard about them.

This album is a perfect example, found in a state of abandonment in an old vinyl shop, sold for a ridiculous price two months ago. Since then, information about Gade and Walfrido Silva came up to me easily, and I feel a little guilty of not having now these guys before. Let’s see.

This is Gade & Waldrido Silva – Gafieira (1956), for Musidisc, featuring the Gade (piano) and Walfrido Silva (drums), performing Gade and Walfrido Silva compositions. I can’t remember such unusual formation on recording, only piano and drums. Together with Luciano Perrone, Walfrido Silva is considered one of the pioneers of modern drumming in Brazilian music. Oscar Bolao gave an interview to Brasileirinho saying that Walfrido Silva plays with hands only, which is something you can easily realize with Gafieira. This cover artwork is truly amazing, but the artist was not credited by Musidisc. Tracks include:

01 – Na Cadencia do Tambor (Gade / Walfrido Silva)
02 – Vou Casar no Uruguai (Gade / Walfrido Silva)
03 – 100 Anos de Perdao (Gade / Walfrido Silva)
04 – Tudo Agora e Sonho (Gade / Walfrido Silva)
05 – Vai Cavar a Nota (Gade / Walfrido Silva)
06 – O Feitico Virou (Gade / Walfrido Silva)
07 – Perdi a Aposta (Gade / Walfrido Silva)
08 – Meu Consolo (Gade / Walfrido Silva)


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