Geraldo Vespar e Seu Violao – Samba Nova Geracao (1965)

13 04 2013

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Geraldo Vespar - Samba Nova Geração

Hello, good evening! It is really nice that Jorge Mello did not forget to include Maestro Geraldo Vespar among his last contribution to Loronix. Caetano Rodrigues had already pleased us in the last year with other Geraldo Vespar releases, and this is the only one that really needs and update and a highlight in our frontpage. Geraldo Vespar is among my favorite Brazilian musicians. I would like to say that I had the opportunity to meet him last year and I keep a photo with the Maestro with several backups around my place. It was an incredible day. I made a special groundwork for a supposed interview with questions that were not made. I was very nervous. I hope this update brings good memories for the Maestro and also provide to Loronixers a chance to have really high quality music made by a musician that will have always a special place in our community. Let’s see.

This is Geraldo Vespar e Seu Violao – Samba Nova Geracao (1965), for Odeon, featuring Geraldo Vespar violao and arrangements in all tracks performing a nice repertoire of Brazilian standards, including one Geraldo Vespar composition, 08 – Ceu Sem Sol. The Maestro has the accompaniment of a traditional bass, guitar, drums conjunto, orchestra and also performs solo in some tracks. Samba Nova Geracao was awarded as the best new artist’s album in 1965. I only regret that Odeon has not given proper credits to Geraldo Vespar co-workers in this session. Tracks include:

01 – Deus Brasileiro (Marcos Valle / Paulo Sergio Valle)
02 – Estamos Aí (Maurício Einhorn / Durval Ferreira / Regina Werneck)
03 – Arrastão (Edu Lobo / Vinicius de Moraes)
04 – Preciso Aprender a Ser Só (Marcos Valle / Paulo Sergio Valle)
05 – Sambou Sambou (João Mello / João Donato)
06 – Chuva (Durval Ferreira / Pedro Camargo)
07 – Negro (Roberto Menescal / Ronaldo Bôscoli)
08 – Céu Sem Sol (Geraldo Vespar)
09 – Gente (Marcos Valle / Paulo Sergio Valle)
10 – Dindi (Tom Jobim / Aloysio de Oliveira)
11 – E Vem o Sol (Marcos Valle / Paulo Sergio Valle)
12 – Samba Novo (Durval Ferreira / Newton Chaves)


Este disco pode ser buscado no Eliazar Caetano.

Delano (also known as Geraldo Vespar) | Orquestra Milionarios Del Rio – Bronzes & Cristais (1963)

27 08 2012

Link original: Delano (also known as Geraldo Vespar) | Orquestra Milionarios Del Rio – Bronzes & Cristais (1963)
Publicado em: Monday, October 01, 2007 by zecalouro

Hello, good evening! Let’s start this Monday with another album sponsored by zecalouro’s mother, which is gradually becoming a great finder. Mon has been delivering solid records, presenting this time an artist and an orchestra never released before at Loronix. Let’s see.

This is Delano | Orquestra Milionarios Del Rio – Bronzes & Cristais (1963), for Copacanana, featuring the Brazilian guitarist Delano backed by Orquestra Milionarios Del Rio with arrangements by Maestro Guerra Peixe and Pachequinho. I never heard about Orquestra Milionarios Del Rio, however, my searches results in two additional albums, each one with a different main performer, such as this one with Delano. The others are Orquestra Milionarios Del Rio em Hollywood featuring Ronnie Will and Orquestra Milionarios Del Rio em Hollywood Vol. 2, featuring Chaim Lewak, the legendary pianist. Maestros Guerra Peixe and Pachequinho deliver nice orchestra arrangements to back Delano guitar. Remaining personnel is not credited. Tracks include:

01 – Bronzes e Cristais (Alcyr Pires Vermelho / Nazareno de Brito)
02 – Et Maintenant (E Agora) (Gilbert Bécaud / P. Delanoe)
03 – It Happened In Athenas (M. Hadjidakis / C. Haldeman)
04 – Swedish Rhapsody (C. Wildman)
05 – Georgia On My Mind (H. Carmichael)
06 – Come September (Quando Setembro Vier) (B. Darin)
07 – Balada do Amor Sublime (Luis Vieira)
08 – Autumn Love Song (Canção de Outono) (Vaughn / Wood)
09 – Tema de Meia-noite (Nazareno de Brito)
10 – The Bird Man (E. Bernstein / M. David)
11 – A Mesma Rosa Amarela (Capiba / Carlos Penna Filho)
12 – Stranger On The Shore (A. Bilk / R. Mellin)


Não tinha esse disco. Porém, graças aos amigos Eliane e Martoni, ele pode ser buscado na Rádio Forma e Elenco.

Geraldo Vespar e Orquestra – Brasil Romantico (1975)

4 02 2012

Link original: Geraldo Vespar e Orquestra – Brasil Romantico (1975)
Publicado em: Monday, March 12, 2007 by zecalouro

Finally, a Mr. X. contribution. Mr. X, is the first Mr. at Loronix. The Mr. aliases were created to identify contributors that asked for being not identified. Actually, friends are asking to receive their Mr. titles, which is something that makes me very proud.

However, Mr. X is unique. It is the only that nobody really knows his real identity. Very exciting situation since he said that he lives very close to me, walking distance. Mr. X, makes massive contributions and has another nice thing, he does not complain when zecalouro makes such bad things as release a Mr. X contribution with no mention, do not release Mr. X contributions for months. I’m now filling the gaps with Mr. X., with this wonderful album. Thanks Mr. X.

This is Geraldo Vespar – Brasil Romantico (1975), for Odeon. Little is known about this LP, but what is known is quite enough to make it great. It is arranged and played by Geraldo Vespar with his violao loud and clear in all tracks. Geraldo Vespar is a revolutionary musician that will always have a special place on my collection and I’m sure on several others friends. Tracks include:

01 – Garota de Ipanema (Tom Jobim / Vinicius de Moraes)
02 – Das Rosas (Dorival Caymmi)
03 – Waves (Tom Jobim)
04 – Dindi (Tom Jobim / Aloysio de Oliveira)
05 – Autumn Days (Geraldo Vespar)
06 – Chove Chuva (Jorge Ben “Jorge Benjor”)
07 – Manhã de Carnaval (Luis Bonfá / Antônio Maria)
08 – Tristeza (Haroldo Lobo / Niltinho Tristeza)
09 – O Cantador (Dori Caymmi / Nelson Motta)
10 – Samba de Uma Nota Só (Tom Jobim / Newton Mendonça)
11 – Adeus ao Piano (Adiós Al Piano) (Ludwig Van Beethoven / Adpt. Geraldo Vespar)
12 – Samba de Verão (Marcos Valle / Paulo Sergio Valle)


Este disco pode ser buscado no Um que Tenha.

Geraldo Vespar – Eu e o Violao (1968)

26 11 2011

Link original: Geraldo Vespar – Eu e o Violao (1968)
Publicado em: Saturday, December 30, 2006 by zecalouro

Geraldo Vespar, Maestro, arranger, composer, and guitarist is truly a genius. A musician that influenced several generations through years. As guitarrist, an innovator, positioned at the same level as Baden Powell and others. I’m making something different with this post making available a link to the song Diz que Fui por Ai (Ze Ketti / Hortencio Rocha) with Nara Leao and Geraldo Vespar on guitar from the LP Nara (1964), for Elenco.

Geraldo Vespar plays with a single percussion accompaniment, starting a new style of playing. Make a try; even if you are not a musician, you will be pleased with Vespar guitar backing Nara.

This is Diz que Fui por Ai: 

This is Geraldo Vespar – Eu e o Violao (1968), for Parlophone, another release provided by Caetano Rodrigues that I was saving for the right time, but several Loronix friends were requesting this LP, which is not easy to find, and I could not wait longer. Such beautiful that is self-explanatory, nothing can go wrong with Eu e o Violao. Tracks include:

01 – Sá Marina (Antônio Adolfo / Tibério Gaspar)
02 – Eu e a Brisa (Johnny Alf)
03 – Desencontro (Chico Buarque)
04 – Feitiço da Vila (Noel Rosa / Vadico)
05 – Viola Enluarada (Marcos Valle / Paulo Sergio Valle)
06 – Por Que (Geraldo Vespar / Mário Telles) — Bourrê (Geraldo Vandré)
07 – Corcovado (Tom Jobim)
08 – Até Segunda Feira (Chico Buarque)
09 – No Brilho da Faca (Wagner Tiso / Novelli / Paulo Sergio Valle)
10 – Mancada (Gilberto Gil)
11 – Olê Olá (Chico Buarque)
12 – Lapinha (Baden Powell / Paulo César Pinheiro)


Este disco pode ser buscado no Um que Tenha. O link para a música “Diz que fui por aí” da postagem original não funciona mais, mas a música pode ser escutada no Youtube:

Geraldo Vespar – Take 5 (1964)

28 10 2011

Link original: Geraldo Vespar – Take 5 (1964)
Publicado em: Sunday, November 26, 2006 by zecalouro

It is unnecessary to say that this release is part of Caetano Rodrigues new contributions to Loronix. I’m pleased to make this post, this is a LP that everybody talks wonders about but I never had the chance to hear.

This is Geraldo Vespar – Take 5 (1964), for Polydor, the debut LP of this noted Brazilian singer, guitarist, composer and arranger. Take 5 was produced by Joao Mello and arranged by Maestro Gaya and Geraldo Vespar. This is the kind of release that speaks by itself, stay with tracks while I will be starring this unique and wonderful cover. Tracks include:

01 – Lamento de Peneira (Geraldo Vespar / Maria Helena Toledo)
02 – Samba Em Prelúdio (Baden Powell / Vinicius de Moraes)
03 – Garota de Charme (Luis Bonfá / Maria Helena Toledo)
04 – Amanhecendo (Roberto Menescal / Luis Fernando Freire)
05 – Batida Diferente (Durval Ferreira / Maurício Einhorn)
06 – Canção Que Morre no Ar (Carlos Lyra / Ronaldo Bôscoli)
07 – O Vale da Manhã (Maria Helena Toledo / Geraldo Vespar)
08 – Take 5 (Paul Desmond)
09 – Lamento Samba (Geraldo Vespar)
10 – O Amor Em Paz (Tom Jobim / Vinicius de Moraes)
11 – Deixa (Baden Powell / Vinicius de Moraes)
12 – Serenata do Adeus (Vinicius de Moraes)


Não tinha este disco. Porém, graças ao amigo Milan Filipovic, ele hoje está disponível no Parallel Realities.