Sergio Ricardo e Glauber Rocha – Deus e o Diabo na Terra do Sol (1964)

16 07 2013

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Hi again! Two posts in a single day and both have connections. Although we have music, this is all about a movement among Brazilian filmmakers in the 1950’s and 1960’s known as Cinema Novo. This is the original soundtrack of probably the most famous film from Cinema Novo, featuring Sergio Ricardo and the acclaimed filmmaker Glauber Rocha. There is a very interesting statement about Cinema Novo, “Uma camera na mao e uma ideia na cabeca” (“a camera in the hand and an idea in the had”), which is an adequate description of the movement, which main topics included Brazilian poverty using the Northeast region as setting for the productions. Let’s see.

This is Sergio Ricardo e Glauber Rocha – Deus e o Diabo na Terra do Sol (1964), for Forma, with music by Sergio Ricardo and Glauber Rocha, production by Roberto Quartin and speeches by the actors Othon Bastos and Geraldo Del Rey. Glauber Rocha also wrote the back cover liner notes and he mentions the legendary Grande Otelo singing a Ze Ketti’s Samba Magoa de Sambista at Nelson Pereira dos Santos film “Rio Zona Norte” from 1957. I found it on the excellent Bossa Brasileira, also available below. Don’t miss this video and have a nice Sunday and a very good first 2009 week. Tracks include:

01 – Abertura (Sergio Ricardo / Glauber Rocha)
02 – Manuel e Rosa (Sergio Ricardo / Glauber Rocha)
03 – Sebastião (Sergio Ricardo / Glauber Rocha)
04 – Discurso de Sebastião (Sergio Ricardo / Glauber Rocha)
05 – A Mãe (Sergio Ricardo / Glauber Rocha)
06 – Antônio das Mortes (Sergio Ricardo / Glauber Rocha)
07 – Corisco (Sergio Ricardo / Glauber Rocha)
08 – Lampião (Sergio Ricardo / Glauber Rocha)
09 – São Jorge (Sergio Ricardo / Glauber Rocha)
10 – Monólogo
11 – A Procura (Sergio Ricardo / Glauber Rocha)
12 – Reza de Corisco (Sergio Ricardo / Glauber Rocha)
13 – Perseguição (Sergio Ricardo / Glauber Rocha)
14 – Sertão Vai Virar Mar (Sergio Ricardo / Glauber Rocha)


Este disco pode ser buscado no Brazilian Nuggets.

O vídeo citado pelo Zeca segue abaixo: