Grupo Cravo & Canela – Preço de Cada Um (1977)

9 09 2011

Link original: Grupo Cravo & Canela – Preço de Cada Um (1977)
Publicado em: Friday, October 06, 2006 by zecalouro

There is a story behind this post, Mr. G, a friend from New York that without saying so, went to an old vinyl store today and took a picture of this album artwork.

Then, Mr. G. sent to zecalouro an email with this cover attached with a reminder “This record is one of the best MPB records from the 70’s, and I heard many, many Brazilian music from the 70’s in my life”. A perfect match, since I have this album and no hope to get an artwork to make it available here.

So, let’s say thank you to Mr. G., the friend that without knowing is making this post available.

This is Grupo Cravo & Canela – Preco de Cada Um (1977), pretty hard to find and as Mr. G. says, an outstanding record. Once again you should take a time to research Cravo & Canela to gather the line up and more detailed information about this LP. The back cover is here, but the linear notes are very hard to read. If any friend has image processing talents to reveal the writing, zecalouro appreciates. Tracks include:

01 – Preco de Cada um
02 – Fogo Pago
03 – Capoeira Poeira
04 – Gago Apaixonado
05 – Estatutos da Gafieira
06 – Asa Branca – Que nem Jilo
07 – Amor em Jacuma
08 – Loteca
09 – Estupido Cupido – Banho de Lua
10 – Iboru Iboya
11 – Trem Atrasou – Ze Marmita
12 – Beijo Bahiano – Boca de Caqui


Este disco pode ser buscado no Rio Groove FM.