Grupo D’Alma – D’Alma (1981)

17 09 2011

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I have been trying to start the day with instrumental LPs released independently or by small labels. These records are from the late 70’s and 80’s, at most cases from bands that released one or two albums and their members could sustain a solo career after dismissing.

This is the case of Grupo D’Alma, presented here with Grupo D’Alma – D’Alma (1981) released for Som da Gente. Grupo D’Alma is a trio, formed by André Geraissati, Ruy Saleme and Ulisses Rocha. Their influence is noted by AMG, whose bio is included below:

The Grupo D’Alma had a short life, but became considerably influential in Brazilian jazz and instrumental music. It was formed in the late ’70s as a trio of virtuosic acoustic guitarists and at different times the formations included André Geraissaiti, Ulisses Rocha, Rui Saleme, Mozart Melo, and Cândido Penteado. The first album’s title (A Quem Interessar Possa 1979) made clear the band’s need to express their inner feelings about the craft of music-making with disregard for commercial considerations. D’Alma (1981) opened way for the International Jazz Festival of São Paulo (1982). The trio also performed in the Free Jazz Festival in 1986 and recorded their last album before the dissolution.


01 – Beije-me Garota (Ruy Saleme)
02 – Maria Tereza (Ulisses Rocha)
03 – Pra Juca (André Geraissati)
04 – Surpresa (Ruy Saleme)
05 – Um Dia de Chuva (Ulisses Rocha)
06 – Lagoa Silenciosa (André Geraissati)
07 – Nova (Ruy Saleme)
08 – Céu Aberto (André Geraissati)
09 – Tudo Certo (Ulisses Rocha)
10 – Super Relax (Ruy Saleme)
11 – Boa Noite (André Geraissati)
12 – Karatê (Egberto Gismonti)


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